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Saturday, 4 February 2012

High Voltage Kelvingrove

Recently I went along to Kelvingrove art gallery and museum to finally check out their ACDC exhibition. I had been meaning to pop over and see it since it opened in the Autumn, and conscious of it not being around for much longer, set aside a Saturday for it. I'm a fan of going over to Kelvingrove at the best of times and don't usually take much persuading! And ACDC - a band who surely need no introduction - have provided the soundtrack for many a night out, car journey and house party so have a wee special place dear to my heart.

Kelvingrove is hosting the exhibition, titled ACDC: Scotland's Family Jewels in the lower ground area of the museum. The area, featuring displaying the exhibition has been transformed into a rocker's paradise, with lots of connecting rooms painted black & red with ACDC accents, like lightning bolts. I was really impressed with the layout, content and sheer scale of the exhibition - which was beyond anything I had expected.  Sometimes rock n' roll exhibitions amount to little more than a few posters and a roadie's old tour jacket, but this exhibition contained so many items that the several rooms being used were more than justified and of course I couldn't resist taking a few photos to document my visit:

As well as having interesting and personal items on display, there were also interactive sections of the exhibition - such as huge flat screens showing old footage of the band with sets of headphones, and a comments wall where you can scribble a message for ACDC, or to anyone really! I really enjoyed walking through all of the rooms 'in order', so that I could read the band's story and evolution over the years. The exhibition also focuses on the band's connections with Scotland (and Glasgow in particular) which makes Kelvingrove an ideal place to have the exhibition.

An ACDC gift shop is located right next door to the exhibition, which sells everything from ACDC air fresheners to plectrums. We bought a calendar, along with our tickets which can also be purchased at the shop with no booking fee for £2 (£1.50 concession). For a mere couple of quid, I'd say the exhibition is well worth it - but it's only on until the 12th of February so try and get along to see it if you haven't already. You don't need to be a fan of the band to like it, it's just a generally well put together exhibition.

All that rock n' roll made me hungry, so after visiting Kelvingrove the Boy and I headed over to Byres Road to have some lunch. Always a sucker for pretty decor, I chose The Blind Pig, having admired their 1920's-style design from afar since they opened. I spent most of my lunch looking at the walls and ceiling, which were decked out in Prohibition-era chic:

They even had Bugsy Malone on their big screen - nice touch! After our day out it was time to head home and listen to some music - ACDC of course!

Will you be catching the ACDC exhibition before it heads back (in Black) overseas?