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Hello, I'm WestEndGirl (or Miss WestEndGirl if you're nasty) and as you have cleverly assumed, I am a (twentysomething) girl living in Glasgow's West End. I started this blog as a hobby a few years ago after enjoying reading fashion/ lifestyle blogs in my spare time - mainly ones written by people overseas with a couple of UK ones thrown in too. Today there are so many interesting and innovative blogs out there that I find new ones every week that I enjoy reading. I love writing and writing about things I'm passionate about makes it even more fun so the blog was born in 2010. But what am I passionate about? Well, lots of things:
  • Clothes - I am a total clothes horse and can't resist a good dress/ jacket/ pair of shoes/ bag/ accessory. I am also a magpie for all things that glitter and sparkle and can normally be found with some sort of hair accessory stuck to my head - usually a bow, flower or pair of ears! I don't take trends too seriously and tend to wear what makes me smile, whatever season it is. I  like to rock everything from high-end to bargain basement and I'm always on the look out for new or up and coming brands.
  • Beauty products - make up is another love of mine and I enjoy treating myself to a bit of slap and adore trying out new products. It's safe to say that my Boots card is used almost as much as my bank card! 
  • Movies - I am really into films to the point where at least 50% of what comes out of my mouth is a quote from a film or TV show, it is an equally endearing/ irritating quality I'm told. I have had a strong passion for cinema for as long as I can remember and even chose to study film at University. I love all kinds of genres and get very excited when Glasgow has it's own Film Festival.
  • Music - in a word, Prince. OK so that sounds a bit extreme but he is my favourite artist and has been since I was little. I apologise in advance for any subtle or not so subtle Prince references that creep into this blog. Aside from Prince I love lots of other bands and go to gigs regularly. My collection of music has everything from Elvis to heavy metal and everything in between and that's the way I like it. 
  • Food - who doesn't like food? I like making food at home but I really get a kick out of going out for food and trying new places. I love cakes and puddings especially and I am most certainly "a dessert person"...
  • My city - as you can tell from the name of this blog, I live in the West End, Glasgow's West End to be precise. I adore living here and being out and about seeing what is going on is one of my favourite things to do. However, that's not to say I don't enjoy going to other places too! I love visiting new places and going on holiday and trips away. 
  • Shopping - I've kind of already covered this in the first two points but I also wanted to say that I like to discover and support new and independent retailers/ brands/ shopping events whether based here in Glasgow or anywhere in the world! In previous posts I've blogged about local lovelies such as Bonnie Bling, La La Land, Gioia Mia designs and Granny Would be Proud. If you are an independent designer/ retailer or maker of fantastic things please drop me an email or a tweet - I'd love to hear from you!  
 Those are the main topics that you will find in this blog but I will tend to write about whatever else that catches my eye. I am certainly no authority on what is considered 'cool' or on trend and believe that people should just embrace being themselves. I blog about things I like and what I've been up to. 

That said, I hope you enjoy reading!

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