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Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Round Up

Hello! This has been a very exciting and busy month for me, how about you? At the start of the month I celebrated The Boy's birthday, and then we went on holiday for a few weeks. Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Here is a little summary - in pictures - of how my May has been...

1. Birthday cupcakes  2. Matching Star Tours tees like the geeks that we are!  3. Coffee and a catch-up  4. At Street Food Cartel  5. Packing the holiday essentials  6. PEACE TEA! 

7. Because every girl needs heart shaped sunglasses  8. Breakfast, US style  9. Pre-Disney selfie       10. Fiesta Hoy  11. Chinese Dragon made out of flowers in Epcot  12. "MINE!!!"

13. Spirit home  14. Shady lady  15. Feels like Summer when you're wearing your 'vacation shirt'           16. Reunited with Dunkin' Donuts  17. Minnie and me  18. In Blues we Trust

19. Happy hippo underwater  20. Out at dinner  21. Super-glittery shoes  22. Showing off my first tattoo from many years ago, still my favourite  23. Roll in, rock out  24. Preferred mode of transport

Most of these pictures were posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts - @misswestendgirl - feel free to come and say hello! My Instagram account is set to private but that's only to keep the spammers and robots at bay (and while we are on that subject, is it just me or are there LOADS of spammers on Instagram right now??). 

Now we are in June and there is lots to look forward to this month - a trip to London, two of my favourite people's 30th birthdays and the Bruce Springsteen gig to name a few things! 

How has your May been? What have you been up to? What is YOUR preferred mode of transport? 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. OMG SO MANY AMAZING THINGS IN THIS POST!!! ha, sorry, but ooooh disney, star tours, carousel!!! the mini mouse ears look super cute :) i wish i could travel everywhere on a carousel horse...or actual horse if we're not being weird lol X

    1. Yes, or better yet - a unicorn haha! Aww thank you so much lady x