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Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Round Up

I can't believe I'm posting a photo summary for June already! This year is flying in, I swear it only feels like I've started these posts and now I'm onto June! I hope you've had a fabulous June full of sunshine and laughter (or if you are in Glasgow, enjoyed those couple of bursts of sunshine when we had them...). This month for me was full of excitement: an awesome anniversary trip to London, seeing Bruce Springsteen at Hampden, catching up with old friends and making new ones, celebrating two of my besties turning 30 and some epic cinema dates.

Here's a quick recap in pictures of my month of June...

1. Snapping Edinburgh Castle like a tourist (it is magical-looking though...)  2. Pretty lights in Hummingbird's Posh Room  3. Another lunch at SmOAK @ Sanctuary  4. 12 years with this guy
5. Because we just can't resist a vintage photo booth  6. Do More of What Makes You Happy

7. The Hoxton restrooms were MADE for selfies  8. The Breakfast Club (best brunch ever)
9. Wise words from Pure Evil Gallery  10. Busting out the Lanvin x H&M bag for a birthday party
11. SQUEAK! New shoes  12. "It's almost Boss Time" excitement at Hampden Stadium

13. Serious vogue-ing on Buchanan Street  14. New JuJu shoes & art underfoot
15. French sweeties & a new hair bow  16. Sushi platter lunch at Ichiban
17. Just doing the E-Street Shuffle...  18. This month's SMAC selection - 4 Cheese 'til I die!

Most of these pictures were posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts - @misswestendgirl - please do come on over and say hello!

The end of June (I'm sure you're heard) also marks the end of Google Friend Connect/ Google Reader. Just when I was getting the hang of it! Anyway, like so many others I have migrated over to Bloglovin and would love it if you could follow me there. Let's not lose touch, baby! You can find my blog over at:

How has YOUR June been? What have you been up to? Ever had the urge to vogue in the street?

Thanks for reading!

WestEndGirl x

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