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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Weekend Wear: Do The Bartman

I first set eyes on this reworked Bart Simpson denim shirt while gallivanting around Spitalfields a few weeks ago. When I seen it, I smiled instantly and maybe even laughed a bit. That's normally the tell-tale sign that I REALLY like something and there's pretty much no going back at that point. Two minutes and £20 later it was mine, "Woo-hoo!" as Homer would say.

Since then I've worn it a few times and as it's a vintage shirt (and there wasn't any choice of sizes since it was the only one in the shop) I'm still getting to grips with the fit. It's very long and the arms are a tad short and the middle is a bit baggy. Very 80s! Yet in all other areas it's a great cut so I've made a few adjustments by rolling up the sleeves a bit and either tucking it into my skirt or wearing it long with a belt to bring the waist in, like I did today. It's also very thick - almost like a denim jacket so I only had to wear a tank top under it today and I was still warm.

I love the print and the bright colours - people tell me I dress like a cartoon character half of the time anyway (I take it as a compliment) so I figured I might as well take it one step further and wear clothes with actual cartoons printed on them! I also haven't bought anything thrifted/ vintage for a while so it was fun finding this.

Today was super windy (I somehow managed to get some pictures where my hair wasn't completely all over the place), so I wore a longer skirt - this one is from Topshop, super soft and goes great with t-shirts. My blue tights and white hair flower are both from H&M and my shoes are by JuJu - a brilliant British brand who manufacture squishy, colourful jelly shoes. I like wearing mine with contrasting tights in the city, although I know a lot of people like to buy them for trips to the beach. They come in a rainbow of colours (including glitter!) and different styles. I've got my eye on a pair of their Babe style ones next!

Finally I wore this necklace by GoGo Philip x Disney - an anniversary gift from The Boy. Continuing with the cartoon theme, it's a necklace with a charm of Mickey Mouse's gloved hand holding a heart. Too cute! I don't wear a lot of gold coloured jewellery but this is too adorable to resist.

I wore this to go into town and somehow (by sheer luck) avoided the rain! 

What did you wear this weekend? Do you (or have you ever) owned jelly shoes? Have you found anything awesome at the thrift/ vintage shops lately?

Thanks for reading - Ay Carumba!

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