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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekend Wear: Have a Lovely Day

"It's the hottest day of the year tomorrow!" were the excited yelps that I was hearing all day on Thursday. "It's gonna be ROASTIN'!". It was pretty warm on Friday but I'm not sure if it deserved the title of HDOTY 2013! I was happy to have the day off work with The Boy and start our anniversary weekend with some sunshine. We went for a walk in the park which had Glasgow Summer staples everywhere we looked: TAPS AFF* for the boys and "outfits you'd normally only wear to The Dancin' " (AKA hardly any clothes at all) for the girls. Still, it was a beautiful day and everybody looked really happy sitting on the grass half cut/ half naked. It was like the Garden of Eden, sponsored by Oddbins.

The Boy didn't walk around with his top off (not his style) and I chose to keep mine on too (HA!). I wore a black Betsey Johnson dress (which I have, ironically worn out to a club night before. People in glass houses and all that, eh?) and my new Levi's denim vest got another outing (hurrah!). I've decorated my vest with some badges - including my Tatty Devine anchor from the mystery box I got last month.
I also wore my new Hello Kitty x Vans slip-on plimsolls, BUT - in all the photos the sun was shining really brightly and I never noticed until later that the glare of the sun makes them look white in the picture. They are actually pink and very cute, not boring and plain white! Doh! I also got to wear my new sunglasses that I picked up in a Dickies outlet for $5 on holiday. They are a strange mixture between round and cats-eye frames, but I love them for their weirdness!

I am not brave enough to bare my legs at home yet (and especially not with this dress) so I wore some Red Herring turquoise tights. Jewellery-wise I wore my pink Tequila Star 'POW' necklace and some Tarina Tarantino skull earrings (also pink). I topped it off with a Topshop flower crown.
While walking through the park I seen this graffiti (below). What it lacks in artistic talent it more than makes up for it in sentiment, don't you think?

After a walk in the park we went to The Sanctuary's secret beer garden, where Smoak were doing a pop-up restaurant, and had a very big (and delicious) lunch. Later that day we met up with our friend that we hadn't seen in a couple of months and had a great time catching up while some of my favourite songs were played in the pub. Happy days!

What did you wear this weekend? Did you go out and enjoy the sunshine? And go TAPS AFF?

Thanks for reading!

* - explanation of 'TAPS AFF' for non-Scottish readers. When the slightest hint of sunshine appears in Glasgow a lot of guys get the inexplicable urge to strut around with no top on ('Tap' = top, 'aff'=off, therefore 'taps aff' = 'tops off'). This is normally accessorised with a bottled beverage being stored in the back pocket of their jeans (because, you know, THE HEAT). It is both hilarious and terrifying in equal measures. Hope this helps!


  1. haha TAPS AFF!
    I've been explaining this to far too many people recently... brilliant post :)


  2. Thank you so much Miss Kimberly! Yes, when it's TAPS AFF you know Summer has arrived in Glasgow ;) x