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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Do You Believe in Magic?

Do You Believe in Magic?

I do! I know that it sounds a bit naive but I truly do believe in magic and love the idea of skilled illusionists being able to perform breathtaking feats before our eyes. After attending a preview screening of new crime thriller Now You See Me - about a gang of magicians that pull off a series of bank heists - earlier this week, I left the cinema with a head full of inspiration. The way I dress is less influenced by trends and more inspired by things that interest me like films, music and art. So it was no surprise that after watching a film about magicians, I was dreaming up outfits using suave magicians, their glamorous assistants and the tricks up their sleeves as a guide. Here are my favourites...

Every dapper magician worth his salt needs a bow tie, and this Tatty Devine perspex bow tie necklace will look the part whether you are taking to the stage or just the sidewalk. Card tricks are what I'm guessing are the first lesson at Magic School (please tell me such a place exists?!) and I love these playing card printed tights from Etsy and themed nail art decals from Love Culture. 

Making a fluffy bunny disappear is one of my favourite tricks (I like to imagine they are whisked away to a huge rabbit warren in another dimension) and this Etsy bunny ring is adorable - much too cute to let it vanish! Also, never one to shy away from something to wear on my head, I love these ASOS leopard bunny ears. A cheeky nod to one of the oldest tricks in the book. 

A magician is nothing without his beautiful, sparkling assistant. Always ready to be sawn in half with a smile and sequins, I think this Topshop dress is perfect for her - glittering but with a modern twist. Finally, my favourite Oh My! eyelashes by Katy Perry for Eylure will add the right amount of drama. Perfect for that wide-eyed look!

Now You See Me is released in cinemas July 3rd. I really enjoyed it. As well as having a great cast, it was an interesting story and very well shot. Even if you don't believe in magic, it's still worth watching. 

What do you think of magicians? Will you be going to see Now You See Me? Would you ever let someone saw you in half?! 

Thanks for reading!