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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Weekend Wear: Peplum Power

The weather this weekend was really nice - and it has stayed like that since. I've been out and about enjoying it, hence the slightly belated Weekend Wear post (whoops). So naturally when the sun was out, my logic was to wear a black dress (OF COURSE). Hmm. In my defence, it's a lightweight dress, made of soft t-shirt material so it didn't feel like I'd just rolled out of my coffin swathed in velvet. It also has a peplum waist, a shape that I hadn't worn until I bought this dress (and an identical grey one - it was buy-one-get-one-free, your honour) because I wasn't sure if it would look right on me. I always figured the structure of a peplum dress was to help create a bit of shape for slimmer girls that had straight up-and-down figures so I was surprised when I ended up liking it! 

The dress is from Vans (yep, the same label that makes the shoes - turns out they make cute dresses too) and even though it's a 'fancy' shape, the casual material makes it super comfy. I wore it with a cardigan from Urban Outfitters that I've had for ages, mint H&M tights and my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa flats (although you can't see the shoes in the picture, my bad).
I also wore a sparkly bow from Crown and Glory and a Vivienne Westwood pendant from a couple of Spring/ Summer collections ago. The orb is made of rubber and nice and chunky, love it! I had originally done my nails a teal colour using OPI's Fly but later that evening Lauren (from Living in a Boxx blog) very kindly gave me a fabulous gel manicure using purple and grey glitter.  I wore this outfit to meet a couple of the other blogger girls at the weekend and had a lovely evening getting to know them a bit better.

I had cracked open my new Kat Von D Everlasting Love liquid lipstick (OBSESSED with liquid lipstick lately) and as well as being super bright and going on nicely, I'm pleased to report that it lasted through an evening of eating, drinking and chatting. More details on my Kat Von D makeup purchases to come in my upcoming Sephora makeup haul - later this week.
I'm happy to hear that the nice weather is to continue through to this weekend, as The Boy and I are going to London for a few days to celebrate our anniversary (ain't love grand?) and it would be nice to not lug umbrellas around all day! Also, if any of you lovely readers know what kind of fun things there are to see/ do/ eat/ etc in Shoreditch please feel free to tweet me or leave a comment. I know I can Google it but I think it's always good to hear about the things and places that real people love and have had fantastic experiences of, don't you? I've already got The Diner jotted down as a must-do for a bite to eat, and I hear there is an excellent market on a Sunday. Unfortunately I don't think the cat cafe (SQUEAL!) has opened yet but I can always see that on the next visit...

What did you wear this weekend? Have you worn a peplum dress before? Would you visit a cat cafe?

Thanks for reading!

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