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Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Round Up

I can't believe I'm posting a photo summary for June already! This year is flying in, I swear it only feels like I've started these posts and now I'm onto June! I hope you've had a fabulous June full of sunshine and laughter (or if you are in Glasgow, enjoyed those couple of bursts of sunshine when we had them...). This month for me was full of excitement: an awesome anniversary trip to London, seeing Bruce Springsteen at Hampden, catching up with old friends and making new ones, celebrating two of my besties turning 30 and some epic cinema dates.

Here's a quick recap in pictures of my month of June...

1. Snapping Edinburgh Castle like a tourist (it is magical-looking though...)  2. Pretty lights in Hummingbird's Posh Room  3. Another lunch at SmOAK @ Sanctuary  4. 12 years with this guy
5. Because we just can't resist a vintage photo booth  6. Do More of What Makes You Happy

7. The Hoxton restrooms were MADE for selfies  8. The Breakfast Club (best brunch ever)
9. Wise words from Pure Evil Gallery  10. Busting out the Lanvin x H&M bag for a birthday party
11. SQUEAK! New shoes  12. "It's almost Boss Time" excitement at Hampden Stadium

13. Serious vogue-ing on Buchanan Street  14. New JuJu shoes & art underfoot
15. French sweeties & a new hair bow  16. Sushi platter lunch at Ichiban
17. Just doing the E-Street Shuffle...  18. This month's SMAC selection - 4 Cheese 'til I die!

Most of these pictures were posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts - @misswestendgirl - please do come on over and say hello!

The end of June (I'm sure you're heard) also marks the end of Google Friend Connect/ Google Reader. Just when I was getting the hang of it! Anyway, like so many others I have migrated over to Bloglovin and would love it if you could follow me there. Let's not lose touch, baby! You can find my blog over at:

How has YOUR June been? What have you been up to? Ever had the urge to vogue in the street?

Thanks for reading!

WestEndGirl x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Painted Lady

I have been deciding whether or not to write a blog post about my own tattoos for a little while now. They are something that strangers ask me about a LOT and are a big part of my life, look and personality. Some of them have meaning and some of them I got simply because I like the way they look. Well, I like the way all of them look - but you know what I mean!

Take my first tattoo. I didn't so much dip my toe in as much as throw both legs in as I got two stocking seams topped with bows (of course) etched on the backs of my legs. While my peers were getting minuscule stars tattooed on easy-to-conceal parts of their bodies in an experiment to see if they liked getting tattooed and/or cheese off their parents a little bit, I knew that my first tattoo would need to be something I really wanted, and wouldn't regret later. I adore retro fashion, 1950s pin-up culture and burlesque style so stocking seams were the perfect choice for me.

It hurt like a mothereffer, but that was to be expected. I'd never been tattooed before and was having my Achilles heel and backs of my knees tattooed! I was pleased as punch with the end result (still am...) and even though it hurt, it was worth it. Plus - my seams are always straight now! I know some people who say they enjoy the feeling of getting tattooed, 14 tattoos later I don't think I can say I am one of those people but it certainly did hurt a bit less as time went on and it's is definitely bearable now. Since then, I've enjoyed decorating my body with lots of bright and feminine pieces, such as sweets, animals, a Russian nesting doll, lipstick and an antique perfume bottle. I know that there will be many more to come which is always exciting to think about!

Tattoos are certainly not for everyone, and even though I have a fair amount (I wouldn't describe myself as heavily tattooed...yet. But I'm on my way there) of them, I always give each idea plenty of thought (normally at least 6 months) before booking the next appointment. I've never got a tattoo on a whim (I might one day but for now research and planning is my motto!) despite what people might think. I am no authority on tattoos, but sometimes people do ask me for advice and I always say to people to think about what they want to get. Simple advice but oh-so-true.

I was inspired to write this post and particularly explain my first tattoo (seeing as it gets the most comments) after being introduced to Things & Ink magazine a few months ago. Things & Ink is a magazine that celebrates women and tattoo culture and if it was possible to have a crush on a wad of paper, Things and Ink would be my new sweetheart. In a world full of tattoo publications that seem to be mainly aimed at males, it was wonderful to come across this little gem. It's smart, beautifully written and printed on high quality paper. And did I mention the flawless photoshoots?

Another thing I love about this magazine is that it is the first time in ages that I've read a magazine and felt like I could relate the content. Some of the contributors (whether writers, tattoo artists or clients) are even people that I recognised and admired before reading their articles in Things & Ink. As well as content about tattoos and getting tattooed, Things & Ink also feature beauty, homewares, music and art. For me, it's a brilliant balance and it's rare to find a magazine that ticks so many boxes. Each issue so far has had a theme  - my favourite has been issue 3, The Love Issue. This issue celebrates love, in all shapes and forms, and the tattoos that can be created from love. A real joy to read!

Things & Ink is published every quarter and costs £10. A tenner for a magazine that delivers so much high quality content really isn't asking that much nowadays - a copy of Vogue will set you back four bucks now and that's published each month! I would recommend picking up a copy, it's refreshing to see tattoos depicted as beautiful and feminine and unique - everything I see them as myself.

Have you read Things & Ink? Do you have any tattoos yourself? Who is your magazine sweetheart?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Weekend Wear: Do The Bartman

I first set eyes on this reworked Bart Simpson denim shirt while gallivanting around Spitalfields a few weeks ago. When I seen it, I smiled instantly and maybe even laughed a bit. That's normally the tell-tale sign that I REALLY like something and there's pretty much no going back at that point. Two minutes and £20 later it was mine, "Woo-hoo!" as Homer would say.

Since then I've worn it a few times and as it's a vintage shirt (and there wasn't any choice of sizes since it was the only one in the shop) I'm still getting to grips with the fit. It's very long and the arms are a tad short and the middle is a bit baggy. Very 80s! Yet in all other areas it's a great cut so I've made a few adjustments by rolling up the sleeves a bit and either tucking it into my skirt or wearing it long with a belt to bring the waist in, like I did today. It's also very thick - almost like a denim jacket so I only had to wear a tank top under it today and I was still warm.

I love the print and the bright colours - people tell me I dress like a cartoon character half of the time anyway (I take it as a compliment) so I figured I might as well take it one step further and wear clothes with actual cartoons printed on them! I also haven't bought anything thrifted/ vintage for a while so it was fun finding this.

Today was super windy (I somehow managed to get some pictures where my hair wasn't completely all over the place), so I wore a longer skirt - this one is from Topshop, super soft and goes great with t-shirts. My blue tights and white hair flower are both from H&M and my shoes are by JuJu - a brilliant British brand who manufacture squishy, colourful jelly shoes. I like wearing mine with contrasting tights in the city, although I know a lot of people like to buy them for trips to the beach. They come in a rainbow of colours (including glitter!) and different styles. I've got my eye on a pair of their Babe style ones next!

Finally I wore this necklace by GoGo Philip x Disney - an anniversary gift from The Boy. Continuing with the cartoon theme, it's a necklace with a charm of Mickey Mouse's gloved hand holding a heart. Too cute! I don't wear a lot of gold coloured jewellery but this is too adorable to resist.

I wore this to go into town and somehow (by sheer luck) avoided the rain! 

What did you wear this weekend? Do you (or have you ever) owned jelly shoes? Have you found anything awesome at the thrift/ vintage shops lately?

Thanks for reading - Ay Carumba!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Do You Believe in Magic?

Do You Believe in Magic?

I do! I know that it sounds a bit naive but I truly do believe in magic and love the idea of skilled illusionists being able to perform breathtaking feats before our eyes. After attending a preview screening of new crime thriller Now You See Me - about a gang of magicians that pull off a series of bank heists - earlier this week, I left the cinema with a head full of inspiration. The way I dress is less influenced by trends and more inspired by things that interest me like films, music and art. So it was no surprise that after watching a film about magicians, I was dreaming up outfits using suave magicians, their glamorous assistants and the tricks up their sleeves as a guide. Here are my favourites...

Every dapper magician worth his salt needs a bow tie, and this Tatty Devine perspex bow tie necklace will look the part whether you are taking to the stage or just the sidewalk. Card tricks are what I'm guessing are the first lesson at Magic School (please tell me such a place exists?!) and I love these playing card printed tights from Etsy and themed nail art decals from Love Culture. 

Making a fluffy bunny disappear is one of my favourite tricks (I like to imagine they are whisked away to a huge rabbit warren in another dimension) and this Etsy bunny ring is adorable - much too cute to let it vanish! Also, never one to shy away from something to wear on my head, I love these ASOS leopard bunny ears. A cheeky nod to one of the oldest tricks in the book. 

A magician is nothing without his beautiful, sparkling assistant. Always ready to be sawn in half with a smile and sequins, I think this Topshop dress is perfect for her - glittering but with a modern twist. Finally, my favourite Oh My! eyelashes by Katy Perry for Eylure will add the right amount of drama. Perfect for that wide-eyed look!

Now You See Me is released in cinemas July 3rd. I really enjoyed it. As well as having a great cast, it was an interesting story and very well shot. Even if you don't believe in magic, it's still worth watching. 

What do you think of magicians? Will you be going to see Now You See Me? Would you ever let someone saw you in half?! 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 14 June 2013

WestEndGirl Stays: London Calling

Last weekend The Boy and I took a trip to London to celebrate our anniversary. It's been 12 years since we started going out (although it only feels like 12 days...) and we decided to mark the occasion with a couple of nights away. We've been to London many times together over the years and normally stay at the Hilton in Kensington. This year we decided to switch things up and stay at The Hoxton in Shoreditch. I'd read about The Hoxton (or 'The Hox' as it's known by the locals) in a couple of magazines about two of three years ago and since then had wanted to stay there.

I don't normally blog about hotels but I enjoyed my time at The Hoxton so much that I wanted to share it with you lovely readers, in case you're thinking about booking a trip to London at some point.

You only need to cast your eye over the hotel's website to see that this is one seriously stylish place. Every square inch of The Hoxton has been carefully thought out and it looks fantastic. Far from looking generic, the decor is vibrant and eclectic from floor to ceiling. Although many of the fixtures feel like carefully-selected works of art, The Hoxton doesn't have that awkward "I'm too scared to touch anything" vibe and I felt comfortable immediately. As well as the interior design, there was also a mini-exhibition of prints by Pure Evil Gallery (whose studio we strolled past while out exploring the area) in the public area behind reception. I get the impression the exhibitions change periodically so I will definitely have a peek at what is on display next time I'm down.

Something that was clear from my stay at The Hoxton was how proud they are to be part of their area. Their 'Love Thy Neighbourhood' motto was a theme that ran throughout the hotel, from supporting local art and businesses (curated flyers were available at reception) and giving newbies to Shoreditch (like us) a guide complied by them of recommended places to shop, eat, wander and explore. The 'Hox Guide' (supplied in our room) proved to be a very valuable resource over the weekend and we visited quite a few places featured in the guide.

The room itself was beautiful. As well as the 200 regular rooms (which are pretty swish already), The Hoxton also has 8 individually designed concept rooms which can be requested (although not guaranteed) at no extra cost. I had originally requested the Hoxton Manor room, but on arrival we were checked into The Nelson room. I didn't mind, as I knew the concept rooms can't be guaranteed and The Nelson was chic and comfortable (I'm obsessed with the carpet, which looks like a piece of art on its own). The Hoxton website describes this room as: "Relaxed, stylish, fun and creative. Shoreditch is the main influence – it is fast paced, ever changing and the capital of London’s art, home to the young, the fashionable and the design savvy". It sums up the room (and in my opinion, the hotel in general) perfectly. We both agreed it was the most well-presented and comfortable room we'd ever stayed in (The Boy especially adored the gloriously fluffy-as-a-cloud mattress that guaranteed a very peaceful sleep - apparently the same kind used by the Queen. Well, if it's good enough for her...).

The hotel staff had even put balloons in the room for our anniversary - how kind! I've never (even in all my years staying at The Hilton) had small touches like that to make my stay feel more special before so it was really nice. The staff throughout our stay were friendly and helpful and nothing was ever too much bother.

There are loads of places to eat in Shoreditch (more on that later) and The Hoxton provides a small breakfast delivered to your room included in the price of your stay. An orange juice, banana and granola yogurt pot (each) - it's just the right amount so you can go out an enjoy a big brunch somewhere if you like. The hotel restaurant also offers a cooked breakfast if you prefer. We had dinner in the restaurant (The Hoxton Grill) on our second night - it was yummy and very fairly priced.

Apart from a quick tube trip to Johnny Cupcakes (and Topshop Oxford Circus OBVIOUSLY) in the centre of London, we spent our trip happily exploring Shoreditch. I was hoping for a hairstyle at Rockalily Cuts, but alas, I had not booked ahead and they were closed the Sunday we were in town (they normally open on a Sunday). I will book ahead next time because I'm always "ooh"-ing over their Instagram pictures! No trip to Shoreditch is complete without a stroll down to Brick Lane and we chose to do so on the Sunday since all the markets would be in full swing. We made a quick trip to Tatty Devine  and then headed along through all the markets and onto Spitalfields where more weird and wonderful markets were found. We grabbed bagels and home made cake from Brick Lane Beigel Bake (the oldest bagel shop in London - delicious) and got free Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Spitalfields. There was no way we managed to see even half of what was there, but that just gives us a good excuse to book another trip!

One place that was on my must-visit list was The Diner on Curtain Road - an American style diner serving up huge portions of heaven! I had the Yankee Pig Dog (a massive hotdog topped with pulled pork - what the what?! I want to meet the creator of this and shake their hand) and offically The Best Onion Rings I've Ever Had, whereas The Boy munched on the Arch Burger (topped with - you guessed it - pulled pork) and sweet potato fries.

The Boy had read about 80s-themed eatery The Breakfast Club so we made that our last stop before heading home on Monday for a big brunch to set us up for the journey. I loved this place so much, I wish we had one here in Glasgow! With it's retro interior (including He-Man wallpaper in the toilets!) and huge choice of food, it was one of my favourite parts of our time in Shoreditch.

We really enjoyed our trip to Shoreditch and our stay at The Hoxton and I hope we return sometime inn the future. It was nice to get away for a couple of days and celebrate our anniversary in style!

Have you ever stayed in The Hoxton? Or visited Shoreditch? What do you think of a hot dog topped with pulled pork - yes please or no thanks?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Shops: Keep Calm and Go Shopping

On Thursday evening I went along to the Keep Calm and Go Shopping event in the City Centre, which was being held in Hummingbird. There was another one of these events a few months back but I didn't manage to get along as I was at a concert that night (Cancer Bats, if you're asking). So I made an extra effort to make it along this time around as some of my favourite local brands were there selling their goods and I always enjoy hanging out at Hummingbird (with it's squishy sofas, delicious drinks and excellent decor like vintage birdcages hanging from the ceiling) so it seemed like a no-brainer! I met up with my friend and we made a night of it.

We went a little later as Pizza Express was calling our names and when we arrived (a little later and fuller after 7pm) the place was buzzing with groups and pairs of girls sipping cocktails and looking at the different stalls. It was my first time upstairs in Hummingbird, and I must admit I fell in love with all the little rooms and general layout of it. If I'm ever throwing a party in the future I would consider it as a venue, there were rooms of different shapes and sizes, which at this event were being used by the designers and brands involved to showcase their products. I usually go to these kind of shopping fairs in larger, open-plan venues so wasn't sure if it would work in such a fragmented space, but I think it did (although I still prefer everything to be in the one place).

The first room was the 'Posh Room' which had Something Different and Ursula's Treasures set up in it. A strong start to the evening! I've mentioned Something Different in my previous outfit posts and I was looking forward to getting my hands on a couple of her glittery bows (just what I need, eh?). I had shown my friend Something Different's bows before online and she was excited to see what would be there as well. We were not disappointed - it was Bow Heaven (OOH HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH)! After being truly spoilt for choice, I decided on two small glittery bows (£4 each) in rainbow glitter and a summery orange glitter (to go with my new orange dress that I blogged about recently). My friend bought a gorgeous larger bow (£6) in a petrol glitter which will look fab in her pastel-hued hair! Top marks for a Something Different's display area too - with loads of bows, hairbands and shoe clips to choose from. It was just a shame we couldn't buy them all!

We next had a look at Ursula Treasures - who I'd never seen before but I thought their designs were fantastic and very well-priced. I'm kicking myself for not getting one of their skull bracelets now, but hopefully I will see them at more craft/ shopping fairs over the Summer. Their cute flower earrings were only £1.50 and as well as jewellery, they also had flower hair accessories and sunglasses on sale. This brand is one to watch for sure.

In the next room we visited Tammy from DIY nails had her decals and false nails set up, and was busy creating some nail art on one of her customers. There were lots of decals for people to browse, and some of the false nail sets were marked down which was good! There was also the offer of some on-the-spot nail art, which I thought was a brilliant idea since some people like the look of nail art but aren't able to do it themselves. It started to get a little bit crowded so we headed upstairs to the top floor.

Upstairs was a larger space with a DJ set up and a bar area, with clothes stalls from Hardwear, Annie and the Mannequins and Once Upon a Time Vintage. This was the most busy area, even though it was the biggest one, and I could see lots of girls excitedly buying clothes from the racks set up. It was nice to see the Hardwear clothes in 'real life' because I'd seen and admired them online before. Once we'd looked at all the clothes a truly abysmal cover of a Destiny's Child song (whose name escapes me now) started to play. My friend and I looked at each other - time to go!

After visiting all the shopping areas we headed back to the ground floor's main bar area, found a squishy sofa to sink into and spend the rest of the evening chatting over cocktails and mocktails. I had 2 Lemon Bon Bon's and they were as yummy as they sound!

Did you go to Keep Calm and Go Shopping? Did you buy anything? Have you ever seen Bow Heaven?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekend Wear: Have a Lovely Day

"It's the hottest day of the year tomorrow!" were the excited yelps that I was hearing all day on Thursday. "It's gonna be ROASTIN'!". It was pretty warm on Friday but I'm not sure if it deserved the title of HDOTY 2013! I was happy to have the day off work with The Boy and start our anniversary weekend with some sunshine. We went for a walk in the park which had Glasgow Summer staples everywhere we looked: TAPS AFF* for the boys and "outfits you'd normally only wear to The Dancin' " (AKA hardly any clothes at all) for the girls. Still, it was a beautiful day and everybody looked really happy sitting on the grass half cut/ half naked. It was like the Garden of Eden, sponsored by Oddbins.

The Boy didn't walk around with his top off (not his style) and I chose to keep mine on too (HA!). I wore a black Betsey Johnson dress (which I have, ironically worn out to a club night before. People in glass houses and all that, eh?) and my new Levi's denim vest got another outing (hurrah!). I've decorated my vest with some badges - including my Tatty Devine anchor from the mystery box I got last month.
I also wore my new Hello Kitty x Vans slip-on plimsolls, BUT - in all the photos the sun was shining really brightly and I never noticed until later that the glare of the sun makes them look white in the picture. They are actually pink and very cute, not boring and plain white! Doh! I also got to wear my new sunglasses that I picked up in a Dickies outlet for $5 on holiday. They are a strange mixture between round and cats-eye frames, but I love them for their weirdness!

I am not brave enough to bare my legs at home yet (and especially not with this dress) so I wore some Red Herring turquoise tights. Jewellery-wise I wore my pink Tequila Star 'POW' necklace and some Tarina Tarantino skull earrings (also pink). I topped it off with a Topshop flower crown.
While walking through the park I seen this graffiti (below). What it lacks in artistic talent it more than makes up for it in sentiment, don't you think?

After a walk in the park we went to The Sanctuary's secret beer garden, where Smoak were doing a pop-up restaurant, and had a very big (and delicious) lunch. Later that day we met up with our friend that we hadn't seen in a couple of months and had a great time catching up while some of my favourite songs were played in the pub. Happy days!

What did you wear this weekend? Did you go out and enjoy the sunshine? And go TAPS AFF?

Thanks for reading!

* - explanation of 'TAPS AFF' for non-Scottish readers. When the slightest hint of sunshine appears in Glasgow a lot of guys get the inexplicable urge to strut around with no top on ('Tap' = top, 'aff'=off, therefore 'taps aff' = 'tops off'). This is normally accessorised with a bottled beverage being stored in the back pocket of their jeans (because, you know, THE HEAT). It is both hilarious and terrifying in equal measures. Hope this helps!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Beauty Bites: US Sephora Haul

As well as the goodies that I had picked up at the drugstores on my recent trip to Florida, I had also mentioned that I went nuts treated myself at Sephora ("THE MOTHERSHIP") as well. Like with the drugstore brands, I had a list of items that I wanted to check out when I got to Sephora - the closest branch (to where I was staying) of which was located at the Florida Mall. When I got to the mall and had a nosey around I realised that there were actually two Sephoras - a stand alone store and a concession in JC Penney. I assumed that both would have the same stock but it turned out that the stock was quite different in both of them, which was actually quite good as it meant I had a bigger choice of goodies overall.

I am a big fan of the collaborations that Sephora produce - last year I got some lovely Tarina Tarantino x Sephora and Betsey Johnson x Sephora products and this year I was on the lookout for the Hello Kitty x Sephora and Kat Von D x Sephora ranges (as well as a few other bits and pieces). I was in luck at the stand alone store - The Boy (AKA world's best shopping partner - he always sniffs out the good stuff) found me a random Hello Kitty compact for a couple of dollars in a clearance section, and then I found out that the entire range was marked for clearance! I picked up two lipsticks (in bright pink and candy apple red), a dark purple liquid eyeliner and some nail art transfers that were all marked down as clearance. The only downside of course was that the Hello Kitty display case was totally ransacked and I didn't have my pick of the whole collection. Still, I'm delighted with what I got.

I had made a note to check out the Kat Von D collection, but particularly the Everlasting Love liquid lipsticks. I seem to be having a bit of a love affair with liquid lipsticks at the moment and visiting the Kat Von D display just fanned the flames I think! Every colour was beautiful, bright and had amazing staying power (I had swatches on my hand that day that refused to leave, haha). I was torn between getting Underage Red (exactly what you think it would look like) and Backstage Bambi, a shocking pink. In the end I went with Backstage Bambi, which I've worn a few times since and adore it. I also got some of the Kat Von D Autograph liquid liner (not tried it yet) and a bottle of Saint perfume - the reviews I've read are true, it smells amazing!

After the INAA bloggers event, I was impressed by Bumble and Bumble and decided to take advantage of the pounds/ dollars exchange rate and get some of their hairspray. I bought a can of their Classic spray and it does the job really well (and doesn't have that horrible hairspray smell going on).

I also spied some Betsey Johnson nail art transfers and Sephora own-brand eyeliner transfers in the clearance section. The eyeliner transfers, which feel like velvety stickers to be placed along the lashline, are something I hadn't tried before but for $3 I thought I'd give them a go and see how I find them.

Clarisonic cleansing facial brushes seem to be very popular across the pond at the moment (I was bombarded with adverts for them constantly), but I had read an interesting review on XOJane about a $5 cleansing pad that did just about the same job (for a lot less) so wanted to check it out. I ended up buying it (it's called the Sephore Collection Precision Pore cleansing pad) and I've liked using it so far.

Finally, I bought some Urban Decay Naked Skin BB cream (not tried it yet) and OCC Lip Tar which I had heard lots of good things about. The OCC Lip Tar is excellent, probably my favourite (and most-used so far) of all the purchases from Sephora. I wore it every day on holiday (and I'm even wearing it today) and I really like how super pigmented it is and I'm amazed that a tiny bit of product can go such a long way. Well worth the $18 price tag.  I bought it in Nylon which is described as a 'classic bubblegum pink with a neon twist' - I'd say that sums it up nicely! I'm wearing mine in the picture on the right. There were no other OCC products in the stores I visited, just some lip tars in bowls where you would queue to pay.

Sephora is one of those stores that I could easily have bought more in but I was very happy with what I got.  I managed to pick up a selection of make-up, hair, nail, skincare and perfume products which I have enjoyed using so far. Sometimes I wish we had it in the UK, but then I think I would have no money left if we did!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Who is your favourite shopping partner?

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Weekend Wear: Peplum Power

The weather this weekend was really nice - and it has stayed like that since. I've been out and about enjoying it, hence the slightly belated Weekend Wear post (whoops). So naturally when the sun was out, my logic was to wear a black dress (OF COURSE). Hmm. In my defence, it's a lightweight dress, made of soft t-shirt material so it didn't feel like I'd just rolled out of my coffin swathed in velvet. It also has a peplum waist, a shape that I hadn't worn until I bought this dress (and an identical grey one - it was buy-one-get-one-free, your honour) because I wasn't sure if it would look right on me. I always figured the structure of a peplum dress was to help create a bit of shape for slimmer girls that had straight up-and-down figures so I was surprised when I ended up liking it! 

The dress is from Vans (yep, the same label that makes the shoes - turns out they make cute dresses too) and even though it's a 'fancy' shape, the casual material makes it super comfy. I wore it with a cardigan from Urban Outfitters that I've had for ages, mint H&M tights and my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa flats (although you can't see the shoes in the picture, my bad).
I also wore a sparkly bow from Crown and Glory and a Vivienne Westwood pendant from a couple of Spring/ Summer collections ago. The orb is made of rubber and nice and chunky, love it! I had originally done my nails a teal colour using OPI's Fly but later that evening Lauren (from Living in a Boxx blog) very kindly gave me a fabulous gel manicure using purple and grey glitter.  I wore this outfit to meet a couple of the other blogger girls at the weekend and had a lovely evening getting to know them a bit better.

I had cracked open my new Kat Von D Everlasting Love liquid lipstick (OBSESSED with liquid lipstick lately) and as well as being super bright and going on nicely, I'm pleased to report that it lasted through an evening of eating, drinking and chatting. More details on my Kat Von D makeup purchases to come in my upcoming Sephora makeup haul - later this week.
I'm happy to hear that the nice weather is to continue through to this weekend, as The Boy and I are going to London for a few days to celebrate our anniversary (ain't love grand?) and it would be nice to not lug umbrellas around all day! Also, if any of you lovely readers know what kind of fun things there are to see/ do/ eat/ etc in Shoreditch please feel free to tweet me or leave a comment. I know I can Google it but I think it's always good to hear about the things and places that real people love and have had fantastic experiences of, don't you? I've already got The Diner jotted down as a must-do for a bite to eat, and I hear there is an excellent market on a Sunday. Unfortunately I don't think the cat cafe (SQUEAL!) has opened yet but I can always see that on the next visit...

What did you wear this weekend? Have you worn a peplum dress before? Would you visit a cat cafe?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Round Up

Hello! This has been a very exciting and busy month for me, how about you? At the start of the month I celebrated The Boy's birthday, and then we went on holiday for a few weeks. Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Here is a little summary - in pictures - of how my May has been...

1. Birthday cupcakes  2. Matching Star Tours tees like the geeks that we are!  3. Coffee and a catch-up  4. At Street Food Cartel  5. Packing the holiday essentials  6. PEACE TEA! 

7. Because every girl needs heart shaped sunglasses  8. Breakfast, US style  9. Pre-Disney selfie       10. Fiesta Hoy  11. Chinese Dragon made out of flowers in Epcot  12. "MINE!!!"

13. Spirit home  14. Shady lady  15. Feels like Summer when you're wearing your 'vacation shirt'           16. Reunited with Dunkin' Donuts  17. Minnie and me  18. In Blues we Trust

19. Happy hippo underwater  20. Out at dinner  21. Super-glittery shoes  22. Showing off my first tattoo from many years ago, still my favourite  23. Roll in, rock out  24. Preferred mode of transport

Most of these pictures were posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts - @misswestendgirl - feel free to come and say hello! My Instagram account is set to private but that's only to keep the spammers and robots at bay (and while we are on that subject, is it just me or are there LOADS of spammers on Instagram right now??). 

Now we are in June and there is lots to look forward to this month - a trip to London, two of my favourite people's 30th birthdays and the Bruce Springsteen gig to name a few things! 

How has your May been? What have you been up to? What is YOUR preferred mode of transport? 

Thanks for reading!