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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #5

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week's blues-buster is about music. When I'm in a funk, putting on some of my favourite tunes will snap me out of it quicker than you can say "Wanna Be Starting Something". I'm sure I'm not the only one, so this week my tip for a wonderful Wednesday is...

Did you ever make mix tapes? I adored making mix tapes of my favourite songs and some of you reading this might even remember the magic of making a mix tape for someone else, or better yet - the excitement of getting one made by someone else for you! There's definitely a certain happy nostalgia when I think of mixtapes and making one to jam to (yes, JAM) come the mid-week is sure to keep you smiling.

So maybe that double tape deck bit the dust a long time ago, but that's OK. There are lots of websites that you can use to put together a motivational mix tape masterpiece for free! For example, 8tracks not only lets you create your own playlist but you can also listen to other people's themed mix tapes too. You can even search by keywords to find something that suits your mood. Making your own mix is always fun and even choosing which songs to include can lift your spirits. You might decide that you need a dose of Walking on Sunshine cranked up to 11, or maybe something from your favourite musical so you can belt it out too! Or perhaps there's that one cheesy pop song that reminds you of your school discos (Backstreet's Back, anyone?) and always makes you laugh. Whatever it may be, make sure you include it in your midweek mix.

As for me, I've just been reminded by The Boy that Prince songs from different albums jumbled up is NOT a real mix tape. He may be right on that one. My ideal mix tape would still include lots of Prince, but with some groove-tastic 80s tunes, classic rock and a few wild cards thrown in too for good measure.

Have an awesome week - and turn it up LOUD!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

WestEndGirl Eats: TriBeCa

Recently I spent the day with a friend that didn't know the West End very well. On a quest to show her some of the best of what this side of the city has to offer, I took her on a 'West End Tour'. Although I couldn't cover absolutely everything in a day, we did manage to get a lot of excellent activities squeezed in - including a visit to Kelvingrove Park, Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, a stroll up Great Western Road, the Botanic Gardens, drinks at Hillhead Bookclub (including a rummage around Granny Would be Proud!), a trip to some of my favourite shops like La La Land, treasure hunting down Ruthven Lane and ended the day at Bar Gumbo for some dinner.

 But let's start at the beginning of the day. For such an action-packed day we needed a kick-ass breakfast to set us up. As TriBeCa cafe on Dumbarton road had only just re-opened their doors the day before, we decided that should be the first stop on our tour. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have already posted about many of the places we visited that day, but I haven't blogged about this little gem before.

TriBeCa are a New York themed kitchen who (even before the refurbishment) were known far and wide for their awesome food. You can spot their location a mile off due to the authentic-looking NY taxi cab and NYPD police car parked outside (perfect for a post-pancake pose, how could you not?). But don't be fooled - TriBeCa aren't all talk and no walk. Priding themselves on bringing "a slice of the Big Apple in the heart of your neighbourhood" and serving up hearty portions of delicious Americana to happy customers day in day out, this place is serious about what they do. Unlike some themed restaurants that you come accross in the UK, TriBeCa are just as serious (in fact, I would say more serious) about the quality of their food. Yes, they are a themed cafe, but it doesn't start and end with a gimmick.

Unsurprisingly, TriBeCa has a loyal customer base and even though we arrived before 11am, the place was already busy with chattering girlfriends, families out for brunch and couples cosied up with coffee and French toast. I get the impression that some of them might even come every Sunday - now that's the kind of tradition I could get used to (I even had a quick daydream about being able to stroll in and say "the usual" with a wink and the waitress would know my order. Wait...since when did I turn into Fonzie from Happy Days in my daydreams?!). I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it was a busy but friendly atmosphere. People seemed comfortable and they weren't being rushed out after they finished their meals.

Which brings me onto the service. We were seated promptly and the staff could not have been more helpful or approachable. I guess happy staff and happy customers go hand in hand and our waitress was very friendly and polite. We were a little overwhelmed (in a good way) with the menu - I wanted to eat it ALL but eventually I picked The Brooklyn (a huge stack of buttermilk pancakes served with crispy bacon and Canadian Maple Syrup) and my friend chose one of TriBeCa's famous five egg omelettes, The Meatpacker (which had German Salami, Honey Roast Ham, Spanish Chorizo, Black Forest Ham and cheese) and was served with toast. I almost went with the French Toast but at least that gives me the perfect excuse to come back!

While waiting for our food we admired the HUGE mural of NYC on the wall and I noticed that even though TriBeCa isn't a massive space, it's clean white tiles on the other walls make it feel more spacious and bright. Also, it was a nice day so the glass doors at the front of the cafe were open, letting even more light in.

Our food arrived and it did not disappoint. The sheer size of my friend's omelette made me ooh and ahh and then when my massive stack of pancakes arrived it was her turn to admire my food! Of course this didn't last long and we both got stuck in. The food was wonderful, I really enjoyed my pancakes and I know that the omelette across the table went down a treat too - even the toast was super tasty (huge thick hunks of bread served with Lurpak butter). I've had pancakes in a lot of places on both sides of the Atlantic and I have to say these were some of the best I've tasted. I love thick pancakes, just as a personal preference, and TriBeCa's pancakes were perfect. The Maple syrup complimented the sweetness of the pancakes and salty bacon perfectly too.

Admittedly, we didn't quite finish our plates but it wasn't for lack of trying! I assured our waitress that we were really happy with the food and that we just couldn't manage it all. When our bill arrived (along with some Jelly Belly jelly beans - nice touch!) the total was totally reasonable (about a tenner each) considering the quality and portion size of food. When we left other customers were starting to arrive for lunch (TriBeCa's menu extends beyond breakfast to burgers, paninis, salads and soups).

I really enjoyed our trip to the newly-reopened TriBeCa - as a fan of themed restaurants, friendly service and excellent food I believe it ticks all of the boxes and will definitely be back again soon to take on that French toast!

Have you been to TriBeCa since they re-opened? Are you a fan of themed restaurants? In your daydreams do you act like The Fonz?

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rock n' Roll Blog School

This blog post is a little different from my usual posts for two reasons: Firstly, it's my first ever blog video (but more on that in a moment)! And most importantly, this post is my scholarship application for The Blogcademy in London!

SAY WHAT?! Let me explain. The Blogcademy is a two-day blogging masterclass, devised and run by blogging royalty: Kat Williams of Rock n' Roll Bride, Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet and Gala Darling. I have followed their World Tour via their blog with much admiration, ever since their first New York session last year, reading about their classes as they take their smarts, sass and sequins to bloggers in cities worldwide. The 3 headmistresses offer personal advice, blogging wisdom and bucketloads of encouragement to their classes; drawing on their collective knowledge and experience. This class is designed for those who want to take their blog to the next level and keep on building - which is exactly what I'm looking for. I've started making a few small changes in the right direction but I really need the guidance to help me make the full journey.

When I first started this blog, I had the intention of writing solely about fashion. While I love clothes (and you know I do!), I started kicking myself about pigeonholing into such a specific category. If I went to an awesome restaurant (for example) or seen a fantastic film, I wanted to be able to write about it. And, I'm utterly in love with my little patch of Glasgow so I try to feature it as much as I can too! So in March this year, with a new layout and a new outlook, I revamped the blog a little. After all, it's my blog!

I feel like I've just taken the first step. I'd love to attend the Blogcademy to build my blogging mojo, help my blog progress further and help it meet its full potential. On a sunny Sunday morning, The Boy and I filmed this video on my iPhone to sum up my application in a way that I feel says what I want to say, and in a way that is still 'me'. I hope you like it:

As a huge music fan, I took inspiration from Bob Dylan's iconic video for Subterranean Homesick Blues when deciding how to put together an entry. When we were watching the footage back afterwards, it seemed like the natural choice of song would be The Ramones' Rock n' Roll High School - after all, I'm hoping to get SCHOOLED! I had a blast filming it, yes it's a little bit silly (like me) but I'm really proud of my first video (also big props to The Boy for his filming magic). A year ago, I wouldn't even put pictures of myself on my blog - I just wasn't confident enough. If you'd told me then that I'd be putting a video in a post, I wouldn't have believed you! I still can't quite believe it right now. I'm starting to get myself out of my comfort zone a bit, one step at a time!

When I read that The Blogcademy Tour was coming back to the UK, I just knew that I needed to grab this opportunity to apply for their Scholarship programme. One lucky blogger will win the chance to attend their London workshop in September (a Scholarship is offered for every city) and learn how to transform their blogging brand in an environment filled with likeminded, passionate peers.

I hope that the Blogcademy babes like my video - and even better still, think it's good enough to win the Scholarship!

Keep your fingers crossed for me (toes too!).


WestEndGirl x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #4

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week's cure for the Hump Day hangover is best enjoyed on a sunny day but can really be appreciated anytime...

When we are going about our daily business, especially in the city, we usually focus on what we need to do next, where we need to go and how to go about getting there. You've probably heard the expression 'stop and smell the roses', and my tip this week is kind of like that. If you're rushing around and feeling like you have a never-ending to-do list, stop. Just for 30 seconds. Stop. And look up. The first time I noticed the beautiful buildings (particularly the rooftops) in my city and took a few seconds to look at them, it was inspiring. So many intricate carvings, massive windows, winding church towers and balconies. I'd been so busy going in them, I hadn't bothered taking in what they looked like.

Glasgow (and OK, call me biased) has such an eclectic range of buildings, with the very old and historic right next door to contemporary masterpieces. It's the same in so many towns and cities, so try having a look up next time you're out and about. You might even feel a sense of calm like I did after doing something as simple as looking up (make sure you stop walking first though, I don't want anyone walking into walls!).

Have a fantastic week and enjoy the view!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekend Wear: Two of Hearts

On Friday night we went to The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen for dinner. It's one of these really great local places that never disappoints and I always enjoy my visits. It's got a great atmosphere - somewhere between stylish and laid-back and the staff are super friendly, rocking a smile and a pair of Vans. For Friday's visit to The Lansdowne I wore this Topshop dress - I got it for my birthday last year and have worn it a few times before. I love everything about it - the cut, the bold colour and, of course, the cheekily placed hearts! Plus, the material is very light (actually a little too light if a car whizzes past too quickly, haha!) so it was a pleasure to wear it out on such a balmy evening.

Clearly last weekend's leg baring did not end in disaster and I took it up a notch this time by wearing (for the first time EVER) heels with my bare legs. I've overheard girls talking this week about not wanting to bare their legs without tanning them first, but I must say it's never really crossed my mind. I'm sure my moonbeam stems will make even the palest legs look a bit bronzed though (maybe I should make myself available for a small fee to come and stand next to you if you have pin paranoia...). I wore these Irregular Choice stars n' stripes heels and felt the 'Wonder Woman' effect of having such kick-ass shoes on as I walked strutted into The Lansdowne.

Jewellery-wise, I kept things very simple and wore a couple of rings by Thomas Sabo and Topshop. Never one to go outside without something on my head, I chose a black cat ears Alice band by Diva. Purr-fect (sorry, couldn't resist).

While walking to and from the restaurant I wore my favourite new sunglasses - my tortoiseshell Dickies cat eye frames. I love that this sunny weather has given me so many opportunities to rock my sunglasses - I buy so many pairs and grab any opportunity to wear them!

We had a lovely meal and it was fun to get all dressed up and go out with The Boy and the family - the perfect start to the weekend.

What did you wear this weekend? What did you get up to? Have you ever felt the 'Wonder Woman' effect from a pair of shoes?

Friday, 19 July 2013

Local Lovin': Back in La La Land

In Local Lovin' I will be looking at designers/ stores/ creators of marvellous things/ anything else that catches my eye - all based in Glasgow. I believe that we should be supporting the talent that we have locally so have decided to start Local Lovin' as a regular feature. If you would like to be featured please get in touch! See my Contact page for details.

At the weekend The Boy and I popped into La La Land at De Courcy's Arcade as it had been way too long since I had last been to visit. I have blogged about the store before (back in 2011) and it was lovely to see the owner (and all-round awesome chick) Sarah, have a blether and a nosey at the new goodies that she had in store.

As ever, I felt like a kid in a fashion candy store and loved looking at all of the cute jewellery on display. From acrylic nameplate necklaces by Scottish favourites Bonnie Bling (I spied oversized OCH and PEELY WALLY designs on sale), to paper aeroplane brooches and scrabble tile rings, I had to restrain myself! Too cute. The Boy pointed out an itty-bitty inverted cross necklace but as it was displayed very closely to some Ryan Gosling jewellery I found it a little hard to focus. Ahem.

For beauty junkies, there were some fun new items like brightly coloured hair chalk, nail decals and heart-shaped hair rollers to choose from. I'm dying to try out the rollers, they look really easy to use and I love the heart shaped foam.

I noticed a lot more stationary and books in stock on this visit, and general non-jewellery/ clothes items that are just as fun as the fashion pieces . For example, prints, DIY bunting (love this!) cushions and some rather excellent colouring books by Colour Me Good. Colouring in the 90s, Hip Hop and Ryan Gosling (him again, whoops) never looked so good. And did I mention the amazing pencils (as a total stationary geek I stand by the phrase 'amazing pencils' with conviction) stamped with quotes from TV shows like Parks and Recreation, Community & Arrested Development. I'd love a 30 Rock set, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. I picked up a pack of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia pencils as a gift for a friend - at £3 they are totally inexpensive and I know she will get a real kick out of using them at the office.

On the racks of clothes I spotted adorable animal vests and the coolest anorak ever (standing firmly by that statement too) by Brat and Susie, and some new pieces by one of my new favourite indie brands, Abandon Ship Apparel. It's awesome having a boutique that stocks these brands, especially if you are unsure of sizing or fit and don't want to take the gamble of buying online. La La Land even have a little changing room so you can have your own mini fashion parade before deciding which outfits to buy.

The merchandising is still awesome, with lots of items on display but with plenty of room to browse too. The jewellery displays are still my favourites and I was pleased to see the necklaces were still on coat hangers and  smaller items, like rings, on cake stands.

Overall La La Land still has a place in my heart as being one of THE coolest boutiques in the West End for it's dedication to stocking independent brands. This coming weekend I'm taking a friend on a 'West End Tour' featuring shopping, food and general wandering and will be sure to make a trip to La La Land mandatory on our day out.

You can visit La La Land on the Lower Floor of De Courcy's Arcade on Cresswell Lane (just around the corner from Byres Road). Also, their online shop can be found here!

Have you ever been to La La Land? What is your favourite item in store? Are you a stationary geek like me?

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #3

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week, I have a Wednesday winner that is not only totally FREE, but it will also make you, and other people, feel good at the same time (consider it a two-for-one deal)...

That's right. Spread the love this week and pay someone a compliment! I read that compliments are like verbal sunshine, they brighten up everyone's day whether you are the one giving OR receiving. Think about the last time you got an unexpected compliment - I bet you felt like a rock star and had a little sass in your step for the rest of the day. So how awesome would it be to let someone else feel like that too? It's easy to fall into a bitchy subculture, especially in a world full of gossip and (often imaginary) points-scoring. But who has the time (and energy) to be so negative? Not me! Plus, when you see the reaction of the person receiving your compliment it'll make you feel great too (and that's where your Hump Day pick-me-up comes in).

It might be that girl that gets on the subway at the same time as you everyday with the wicked eyebrows, or your work colleague that has gone for an adventurous new haircut. Maybe that guy in front at the queue at Starbucks with the hat (and he could be secretly thinking, "can I rock a hat?") or a loved one that has just cooked you an epic dinner. One tip though - be sincere! Whether you know the person like the back of your hand or not, if you're thinking something nice, tell them! It'll make their day, and yours too.

Enjoy your week, and enjoy the sunshine (verbal or otherwise)!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekend Wear: Saturday Girl

This week has been so warm with the heatwave and all, even a total tights addict like me has had to cut the stockings loose and brave bare legs! When I was younger I couldn't stand the warm weather at all, I burn very easily and always felt too hot and uncomfortable TO DO ANYTHING! IT FEELS LIKE I'M STANDING IN THE CENTRE OF THE SUN! HELP! OK, enough with the dramatics, it really isn't that bad. I can deal with the warm weather (and hey, even enjoy it) as long as I wear sensible clothes and slap on that sunscreen.

I chose to wear this Primark dress this weekend because it's very light and floaty, perfect for keeping cool in the warm weather. It's a bit different from my usual 1950's and skater style dresses which I normally gravitate towards, although it still nips in at the waist and has a full skirt. When I first seen it in Primark the unusual shape reminded me of Vivienne Westwood's Sunday Girl dress - with it's draped style top and hem sitting just below the knee - so I have nicknamed it the Saturday Girl dress.  It's very bright too,  I really like the blue and pink colour combination and it makes me feel very summery! So this weekend I wore it for a day at the park, embraced the bare legs and enjoyed being out in the sun (protected by an impenetrable shield of SPF110).

On my feet I wore my JuJu jelly shoes (again) - they are so good in this weather and very comfy for the big long walks I enjoy going on in the Summer. I used my new Betseyville pink glitter satchel. More pink! As if I wasn't wearing enough pink already. I got the satchel in JCP on my last Florida trip and it was marked down to $8! It would have been rude to NOT buy it, dontcha think?

Summertime always makes me think of bright colours (in case you hadn't noticed), so I did a multi-coloured manicure using OPI, Model's Own and Barry M nail polishes. To me it's like really lazy nail art - minimum effort but maximum payoff! Plus, I feel like I have rainbows shooting out of my fingertips.

I tied my hair up and wore a small flower crown from Topshop (in - you guessed it - pink) and wore some blue wayfarer style shades. I kept jewellery simple and wore a couple of rings in pink and blue. The blue ring is by Tatty Devine and the other was a gift so I have no idea where it's from (I like the ice lolly design though).

I've packed my tights away for the rest of the weekend. I sort of feel like I've thrown away a comfort blanket this week! It was worth it, and I really enjoyed our day at the park.

What did YOU wear this weekend? Did you go to the park or maybe even have a picnic? Do you have an item of clothing that's like a comfort blanket?

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #2

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week, my advice to help keep the spring in your step on Hump Day is:

 This is actually something I believe in doing every day, but it can be particularly uplifting during the midweek slump. Now, I know that it may not be possible to rock up to work in your frilliest party dress and killer heels but to me dressing like it's your birthday is a state of mind. What I'm getting at is wear something that makes you happy. When an entire outfit isn't possible (especially if you have a dress code to adhere to), wear something small that will make you smile. For example, a vintage brooch that reminds you of that time you and your best bud went thrift shopping, or that new nail polish you've been dying to try out. It could be a new pair of shoes or your favourite sauciest underwear. However big or small, throw your chosen item(s) into the mix on a Wednesday and you might just feel like the birthday girl (or boy!) every week of the year.

Enjoy your week, and keep on celebrating! 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Weekend Wear: Garden Party Getup

The sun came out this weekend (and he's still here!) and The Boy and I were invited to our first barbecue/ garden party of the summer. Never one to shy away from a theme I decided to dress in what I am now calling my Garden Party Getup - featuring lots of florals, GIANT sunglasses and a straw hat!

The dress is actually the Only White Dress I Own - and even at that, it isn't completely white. It's adorned with big yellow flowers and has a heart-shaped cutout on the chest. Sound familiar? I was in love with this dress from the Luella (RIP!) Spring/ Summer 2010 collection, but when I was unable to get one I discovered this shameless ripoff 'inspired by' frock from good old Florence + Fred at Tesco (DING!) at a fraction of the price. I'm not sure which one was responsible for creating such a good knockoff, but my money's on Fred.

A couple of years ago I bought these sunglasses from TK Maxx. They're Vivienne Westwood and a really pretty pink/ purple colour. They were £14 and even came with a proper Westwood case to store them in - I love how treasure hunting at TK Maxx can totally pay off! Even though I had just bought another pair of VW sunglasses about a week previous (AT FULL RRP, who's idea was that?! Probably mine, whoops) I still couldn't resist adding these to my ever-growing collection of sunnies and wear them the most.

OK, so the straw hat. I know, it all looks a bit like the part in Mary Poppins when they all jump into the picture - but I think it looks really Summer-y and I never get the opportunity to wear it since I appear to be in a wind tunnel at all times. And the hat was an even bigger bargain than the sunglasses - it was a mere 50p from Primark! When I had the hat and dress on together I wanted to carry a croquet mallet around as an accessory and find some penguins to dance with a la Bert from Mary Poppins. That didn't happen, but I did listen to old pop songs in the back garden with family and friends and eat lots of yummy food so it was still an awesome day (despite the lack of dancing penguins).

Finally, with sunny skies and little chance of rain, I wore my little Marc Jacobs-esque mouse flats from Primark. I know that these shoes will surrender at the first sign of water so I'm trying to wear them on dry days only. They are so adorable though, and an affordable alternative to the Marc Jacobs/ Charlotte Olympia animal flats that I covet so much.

What did you wear this weekend? Did you get out and enjoy the sunshine? Have you ever felt the urge to dance with some penguins?

Thanks for reading! 

PS: I've linked this post up to the lovely Melaina's blog -  you can check out her What I Wore Wednesday feature here and maybe even get involved yourself!

Friday, 5 July 2013

It's Vintage, Darling!

As the West End Festival draws to a close and we still have a couple of months (fingers and toes crossed) of Summer left, there are still lots of weird and wonderful events going on in the city centre to get involved in. This month, Merchant City Festival hosts Vintage Glasgow - a festival-within-a-festival if you will, celebrating fashion, food, art, music, dance, design and film from years past. The award winning festival is being brought to Glasgow to take over the Old Fruitmarket for two days and transform it into an epicentre of glamour and fun.

Vintage was founded by Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingway and was voted the UK's Best New Festival in 2010. With seven decades of British Style covered (from 1920s to 1980s), Vintage Glasgow will be the perfect hangout whether you're a rockabilly Pink Lady, a Charleston-dancing flapper girl or a beehived beauty. Or maybe you aren't sure what style to go for - that's fine because there will be makeovers galore over the weekend too! Cue the makeover montage (with soft lighting and a suitably dreamy retro soundtrack OF COURSE)!

As well as makovers, there are also going to be film screenings, club nights, a vintage-inspired shopping market, a tiki bar, dance classes (I already have my ticket booked for Let It Rock - maybe I'll see you there for a twirl?), catwalk shows, workshops, and all manner of hip and happening hangout spots, daddy-o!

You may be able to tell that I am just a little  excited for Vintage Glasgow, eh? I have a big love for vintage fashion and retro music, so this event is right up my street. The Merchant City festival is always brilliant fun (it was at the MCF last year that I discovered my love for roller-disco after all!) so having the Vintage Festival as part of the celebrations is, I hope, the start of a new tradition. Founder Wayne Hemmingway (MBE) describes the theme of the weekend as:
"Whether your thing is swing, rockabilly, soul, funk, disco, fashion, film, art or design, or if you just want to dress up and get an authentic make-over for a day, Vintage Glasgow will be a sensual delight, a big dressing-up box, a collector’s dream and joyous creative feast"

Sounds divine, darling! I'll be there with bells on (and red lipstick of course!).

Vintage Glasgow is taking place on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July. You can find much more information about what events are taking place as part of Vintage Glasgow (and the Merchant City Festival in full) at the Merchant City Festival website. There is also more information on Vintage Glasgow at the Vintage Festival website.

Will you be going to any of the Merchant City festivities? How about Vintage Glasgow? What is your favourite decade?

Thanks for reading!

Photo Source: Merchant City Festival website

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #1

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

So to start us off this week, my inaugural tip to stay smiling on Hump Day is:

That's right, boo. I'm pretty sure that the muscles in my brain, mouth and stomach are all connected because eating something yummy is sure to put a smile on my face every time. Whether you decide to treat yourself to a meal somewhere fabulous, whip up something awesome at home in your kitchen (my mid-week speciality is one of my XL sandwiches, a triple decker of whatever my heart desires) or even go on a morning cake run for you and your work buddies, it's guaranteed to make that mid-week mountain seem more like a molehill.

Enjoy your week and bring your own fork!