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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekend Wear: Two of Hearts

On Friday night we went to The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen for dinner. It's one of these really great local places that never disappoints and I always enjoy my visits. It's got a great atmosphere - somewhere between stylish and laid-back and the staff are super friendly, rocking a smile and a pair of Vans. For Friday's visit to The Lansdowne I wore this Topshop dress - I got it for my birthday last year and have worn it a few times before. I love everything about it - the cut, the bold colour and, of course, the cheekily placed hearts! Plus, the material is very light (actually a little too light if a car whizzes past too quickly, haha!) so it was a pleasure to wear it out on such a balmy evening.

Clearly last weekend's leg baring did not end in disaster and I took it up a notch this time by wearing (for the first time EVER) heels with my bare legs. I've overheard girls talking this week about not wanting to bare their legs without tanning them first, but I must say it's never really crossed my mind. I'm sure my moonbeam stems will make even the palest legs look a bit bronzed though (maybe I should make myself available for a small fee to come and stand next to you if you have pin paranoia...). I wore these Irregular Choice stars n' stripes heels and felt the 'Wonder Woman' effect of having such kick-ass shoes on as I walked strutted into The Lansdowne.

Jewellery-wise, I kept things very simple and wore a couple of rings by Thomas Sabo and Topshop. Never one to go outside without something on my head, I chose a black cat ears Alice band by Diva. Purr-fect (sorry, couldn't resist).

While walking to and from the restaurant I wore my favourite new sunglasses - my tortoiseshell Dickies cat eye frames. I love that this sunny weather has given me so many opportunities to rock my sunglasses - I buy so many pairs and grab any opportunity to wear them!

We had a lovely meal and it was fun to get all dressed up and go out with The Boy and the family - the perfect start to the weekend.

What did you wear this weekend? What did you get up to? Have you ever felt the 'Wonder Woman' effect from a pair of shoes?


  1. love it all! i spent my days avoiding the sun but ultimately sweltering in it. i do love a statement pair of shoes. you're MY hero.

    1. I think with this weather it was hard to avoid being too warm! You are too kind m'lady xx