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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekend Wear: Saturday Girl

This week has been so warm with the heatwave and all, even a total tights addict like me has had to cut the stockings loose and brave bare legs! When I was younger I couldn't stand the warm weather at all, I burn very easily and always felt too hot and uncomfortable TO DO ANYTHING! IT FEELS LIKE I'M STANDING IN THE CENTRE OF THE SUN! HELP! OK, enough with the dramatics, it really isn't that bad. I can deal with the warm weather (and hey, even enjoy it) as long as I wear sensible clothes and slap on that sunscreen.

I chose to wear this Primark dress this weekend because it's very light and floaty, perfect for keeping cool in the warm weather. It's a bit different from my usual 1950's and skater style dresses which I normally gravitate towards, although it still nips in at the waist and has a full skirt. When I first seen it in Primark the unusual shape reminded me of Vivienne Westwood's Sunday Girl dress - with it's draped style top and hem sitting just below the knee - so I have nicknamed it the Saturday Girl dress.  It's very bright too,  I really like the blue and pink colour combination and it makes me feel very summery! So this weekend I wore it for a day at the park, embraced the bare legs and enjoyed being out in the sun (protected by an impenetrable shield of SPF110).

On my feet I wore my JuJu jelly shoes (again) - they are so good in this weather and very comfy for the big long walks I enjoy going on in the Summer. I used my new Betseyville pink glitter satchel. More pink! As if I wasn't wearing enough pink already. I got the satchel in JCP on my last Florida trip and it was marked down to $8! It would have been rude to NOT buy it, dontcha think?

Summertime always makes me think of bright colours (in case you hadn't noticed), so I did a multi-coloured manicure using OPI, Model's Own and Barry M nail polishes. To me it's like really lazy nail art - minimum effort but maximum payoff! Plus, I feel like I have rainbows shooting out of my fingertips.

I tied my hair up and wore a small flower crown from Topshop (in - you guessed it - pink) and wore some blue wayfarer style shades. I kept jewellery simple and wore a couple of rings in pink and blue. The blue ring is by Tatty Devine and the other was a gift so I have no idea where it's from (I like the ice lolly design though).

I've packed my tights away for the rest of the weekend. I sort of feel like I've thrown away a comfort blanket this week! It was worth it, and I really enjoyed our day at the park.

What did YOU wear this weekend? Did you go to the park or maybe even have a picnic? Do you have an item of clothing that's like a comfort blanket?

Thanks for reading!

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