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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #3

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week, I have a Wednesday winner that is not only totally FREE, but it will also make you, and other people, feel good at the same time (consider it a two-for-one deal)...

That's right. Spread the love this week and pay someone a compliment! I read that compliments are like verbal sunshine, they brighten up everyone's day whether you are the one giving OR receiving. Think about the last time you got an unexpected compliment - I bet you felt like a rock star and had a little sass in your step for the rest of the day. So how awesome would it be to let someone else feel like that too? It's easy to fall into a bitchy subculture, especially in a world full of gossip and (often imaginary) points-scoring. But who has the time (and energy) to be so negative? Not me! Plus, when you see the reaction of the person receiving your compliment it'll make you feel great too (and that's where your Hump Day pick-me-up comes in).

It might be that girl that gets on the subway at the same time as you everyday with the wicked eyebrows, or your work colleague that has gone for an adventurous new haircut. Maybe that guy in front at the queue at Starbucks with the hat (and he could be secretly thinking, "can I rock a hat?") or a loved one that has just cooked you an epic dinner. One tip though - be sincere! Whether you know the person like the back of your hand or not, if you're thinking something nice, tell them! It'll make their day, and yours too.

Enjoy your week, and enjoy the sunshine (verbal or otherwise)!

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