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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #5

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week's blues-buster is about music. When I'm in a funk, putting on some of my favourite tunes will snap me out of it quicker than you can say "Wanna Be Starting Something". I'm sure I'm not the only one, so this week my tip for a wonderful Wednesday is...

Did you ever make mix tapes? I adored making mix tapes of my favourite songs and some of you reading this might even remember the magic of making a mix tape for someone else, or better yet - the excitement of getting one made by someone else for you! There's definitely a certain happy nostalgia when I think of mixtapes and making one to jam to (yes, JAM) come the mid-week is sure to keep you smiling.

So maybe that double tape deck bit the dust a long time ago, but that's OK. There are lots of websites that you can use to put together a motivational mix tape masterpiece for free! For example, 8tracks not only lets you create your own playlist but you can also listen to other people's themed mix tapes too. You can even search by keywords to find something that suits your mood. Making your own mix is always fun and even choosing which songs to include can lift your spirits. You might decide that you need a dose of Walking on Sunshine cranked up to 11, or maybe something from your favourite musical so you can belt it out too! Or perhaps there's that one cheesy pop song that reminds you of your school discos (Backstreet's Back, anyone?) and always makes you laugh. Whatever it may be, make sure you include it in your midweek mix.

As for me, I've just been reminded by The Boy that Prince songs from different albums jumbled up is NOT a real mix tape. He may be right on that one. My ideal mix tape would still include lots of Prince, but with some groove-tastic 80s tunes, classic rock and a few wild cards thrown in too for good measure.

Have an awesome week - and turn it up LOUD!

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