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Friday, 5 July 2013

It's Vintage, Darling!

As the West End Festival draws to a close and we still have a couple of months (fingers and toes crossed) of Summer left, there are still lots of weird and wonderful events going on in the city centre to get involved in. This month, Merchant City Festival hosts Vintage Glasgow - a festival-within-a-festival if you will, celebrating fashion, food, art, music, dance, design and film from years past. The award winning festival is being brought to Glasgow to take over the Old Fruitmarket for two days and transform it into an epicentre of glamour and fun.

Vintage was founded by Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingway and was voted the UK's Best New Festival in 2010. With seven decades of British Style covered (from 1920s to 1980s), Vintage Glasgow will be the perfect hangout whether you're a rockabilly Pink Lady, a Charleston-dancing flapper girl or a beehived beauty. Or maybe you aren't sure what style to go for - that's fine because there will be makeovers galore over the weekend too! Cue the makeover montage (with soft lighting and a suitably dreamy retro soundtrack OF COURSE)!

As well as makovers, there are also going to be film screenings, club nights, a vintage-inspired shopping market, a tiki bar, dance classes (I already have my ticket booked for Let It Rock - maybe I'll see you there for a twirl?), catwalk shows, workshops, and all manner of hip and happening hangout spots, daddy-o!

You may be able to tell that I am just a little  excited for Vintage Glasgow, eh? I have a big love for vintage fashion and retro music, so this event is right up my street. The Merchant City festival is always brilliant fun (it was at the MCF last year that I discovered my love for roller-disco after all!) so having the Vintage Festival as part of the celebrations is, I hope, the start of a new tradition. Founder Wayne Hemmingway (MBE) describes the theme of the weekend as:
"Whether your thing is swing, rockabilly, soul, funk, disco, fashion, film, art or design, or if you just want to dress up and get an authentic make-over for a day, Vintage Glasgow will be a sensual delight, a big dressing-up box, a collector’s dream and joyous creative feast"

Sounds divine, darling! I'll be there with bells on (and red lipstick of course!).

Vintage Glasgow is taking place on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July. You can find much more information about what events are taking place as part of Vintage Glasgow (and the Merchant City Festival in full) at the Merchant City Festival website. There is also more information on Vintage Glasgow at the Vintage Festival website.

Will you be going to any of the Merchant City festivities? How about Vintage Glasgow? What is your favourite decade?

Thanks for reading!

Photo Source: Merchant City Festival website

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