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Monday, 8 July 2013

Weekend Wear: Garden Party Getup

The sun came out this weekend (and he's still here!) and The Boy and I were invited to our first barbecue/ garden party of the summer. Never one to shy away from a theme I decided to dress in what I am now calling my Garden Party Getup - featuring lots of florals, GIANT sunglasses and a straw hat!

The dress is actually the Only White Dress I Own - and even at that, it isn't completely white. It's adorned with big yellow flowers and has a heart-shaped cutout on the chest. Sound familiar? I was in love with this dress from the Luella (RIP!) Spring/ Summer 2010 collection, but when I was unable to get one I discovered this shameless ripoff 'inspired by' frock from good old Florence + Fred at Tesco (DING!) at a fraction of the price. I'm not sure which one was responsible for creating such a good knockoff, but my money's on Fred.

A couple of years ago I bought these sunglasses from TK Maxx. They're Vivienne Westwood and a really pretty pink/ purple colour. They were £14 and even came with a proper Westwood case to store them in - I love how treasure hunting at TK Maxx can totally pay off! Even though I had just bought another pair of VW sunglasses about a week previous (AT FULL RRP, who's idea was that?! Probably mine, whoops) I still couldn't resist adding these to my ever-growing collection of sunnies and wear them the most.

OK, so the straw hat. I know, it all looks a bit like the part in Mary Poppins when they all jump into the picture - but I think it looks really Summer-y and I never get the opportunity to wear it since I appear to be in a wind tunnel at all times. And the hat was an even bigger bargain than the sunglasses - it was a mere 50p from Primark! When I had the hat and dress on together I wanted to carry a croquet mallet around as an accessory and find some penguins to dance with a la Bert from Mary Poppins. That didn't happen, but I did listen to old pop songs in the back garden with family and friends and eat lots of yummy food so it was still an awesome day (despite the lack of dancing penguins).

Finally, with sunny skies and little chance of rain, I wore my little Marc Jacobs-esque mouse flats from Primark. I know that these shoes will surrender at the first sign of water so I'm trying to wear them on dry days only. They are so adorable though, and an affordable alternative to the Marc Jacobs/ Charlotte Olympia animal flats that I covet so much.

What did you wear this weekend? Did you get out and enjoy the sunshine? Have you ever felt the urge to dance with some penguins?

Thanks for reading! 

PS: I've linked this post up to the lovely Melaina's blog -  you can check out her What I Wore Wednesday feature here and maybe even get involved yourself!


  1. Love it! It is super summery :) TK Maxx is my favourite!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  2. omg i love this whole thing! every single thing. i'm super jealous about that hat - i'll never find anything that cheap! you're a babe.

    1. Erica, you are too kind! YOU'RE the babe ;) If I ever see them in Primark again for 50p I will let you know (they trotted them out in the winter so keep your eyes peeled in the colder months)x

  3. Ahhh, love this, your sunglasses are amazing!! And love the dress :) xx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! Hope you've been enjoying the sun x

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