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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Supermercado at The Barras

After wandering into the Granny Would Be Proud Vintage & Craft fair at Hillhead Bookclub over the summer this West End Girl has been keeping her eyes peeled for similar events popping up in her fair city. I was pleased to see that a new regular Saturday 'indie' market, encompassing vintage fashion, arts, crafts, homewares and...oh yes, cake was being launched called Supermercado.

I decided to pop along today in spite of the dreary weather to check out the market on the day of its launch.

As someone who doesn't frequent the Barras often, I didn't find Supermercado as quickly as I'd hoped (especially as the clouds were getting darker and darker), but I am sure that finding it again after I have been once would be a doddle. Situated in the courtyard of the recently refurbished Barras Centre, I stumbled in to find a laid back bazaar with an array of unique stalls at one side and a cafe on the other.

There was certainly a variety of things to look at and so with some retro-tastic tunes echoing in the background I made my way around the stalls for a nosy. The first stall to catch my eye was the beautiful vintage wares of Love Me Again, promising such treasures as fine crockery and more brooches than I could count, displayed on this here mannequin:

Lovely. I then had a quick look at Breagha's creations - mainly scarves and handbags - made from high quality materials including Harris Tweed. I felt warmer even just looking at the scarves - perfect for winter. I also spotted hand made greeting cards by Konnie Kapow (I especially liked their 'Owlvis' design, featuring an owl dressed as Elvis - Jailhouse Rock outfit and all), sushi in cute boxes at Jo Sushi's table and some of my favourite good enough to eat jewellery brands at Sparklecandy's stall.

Speaking of good enough to eat...

All that browsing must make a girl hungry, because it wasn't too long before I had clocked the gorgeous sweet treats being sold by the nice folks of The Flamingo Bakery, complete with larger-than-life-sized pink flamingo 'serving' sample-sized mini cupcakes. Love it.

I was lucky enough to be treated to not one, but two pieces of glittery gingerbread which I made very short work of - so much so that I didn't manage to get a photo. The gingerbread, shaped like a flamingo (naturellement) and cupcake was delicious and I was assured that the chocolate cupcakes were equally yummy (scored 4 out of 5 by an appointed cupcake aficionado).

After getting my sugar fix, I spend a lot of time admiring the goods on sale at the table being run by Stella My Star and t-boo. Many a bargain was to be had at this table, including some rather excellent superhero badges, Eiffel Tower pendants and cute-as-a-button earrings. Full marks for their very nice display skills too!

Surrounding the main courtyard of stalls was indoor studios - one of which is the new home of Che Camille, who offer award-winning service and custom tailoring (open for appointments now).

After going round the stalls a few times and enjoying what the market had to offer it was time to head back towards the city centre, still licking the glittery crumbs from my lips. I would recommend paying Supermercado a visit, I am sure that - especially in the warmer months - heading over for a cake and a browse on a Saturday will become a regular outing for Glasgow's vintage vixens.

Supermercado is being brought to the masses by the Made in the Shade gang, more info on Made in the Shade can be viewed on their own website - here! The market is on every Saturday from 10:30 - 5.

Were you at Supermercado today?

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