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Sunday, 18 September 2011


Is it really September already? Whoops. I feel like a lazy blogger, I'm sorry. I took a leave of absence from the blog to go on holiday and before I knew it the whole Summer had passed. A lot has happened in the last few months. I have:

  • been on holiday (America, I love you)
  • moved house (from Hillhead to, er, Hillhead) the day after I got back from America (take THAT, jet lag)
  • started a new job
  • been busy in my Bridesmaid's duties (one wedding down, one to go)
  • celebrated my birthday, plus the Boy and the BFFs' birthdays
  • Been on jaunts to London and Tynemouth

Phew! So it's been a busy few months but a brilliant Summer.

I love September because I get to start planning and wearing my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. I admit, as much as I love the Summer, I prefer the clothes and accessories that come with the colder months much more. I love the looks for this A/W - gothic, retro ladylike, rock star, eccentric, faux fur, luxe fabrics and rich colours (I've never been much of a flouro girl). I love being able to pile on hats, scarves and bags like a crazy person and argue it's to help keep me warm. Sometimes in the Summer months I feel a little lost because I don't like a lot of the trends or collections in the shops (take for example, Boho) and so I tend to wear a simplified, less layered version of what I'd wear in winter with lashings of higher SPF.

This week is London Fashion Week and I as I type the folk at Topshop Unique are getting set up for their SS12 show. The great thing is that instead of having to wait a week or a month to see the runway shows in your favourite magazines a lot of the designers will stream their shows live online, and you can also see the highlights on internet channels like LFWTV. The wonders of technology!

September's fashion week is all about what is going to be big in Spring & Summer 2012, and although I am curious to see what lies ahead, I want to revel in the Autumn/ Winter a little longer. I'm going to enjoy what is here and now (call me sentimental) so bring on the crisp morning air, candy apples, falling leaves and winter coats.

I will sign off with my current crush - the Mulberry Autumn/ Winter ad campaign. The owls! The foxes! The bags! Heaven. I first seen these ads in July while wandering around Selfridges Oxford Street with the Boy and have loved them since then. They summarise what I feel British Fall fashion is all about:

Next time I won't leave it as long - promise.

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