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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Here, Kitty Kitty

If I could, I would be a crazy cat lady. I'd give that old woman from The Simpsons a run for her money and have a gang of fierce felines like the ones in the Cravendale advert. Such is my love for kitties that I'm always pleased when I see cat motifs popping up in fashion. It was really no surprise that I was donning cat ears and eyeliner whiskers a few weeks ago for Halloween. Cats have started appearing more and more over the last year or so thanks in part to Miu Miu's Spring 2010 collection, and more recently I've spotted a lot more - from high end to high street. Today I look at a few of my favourites...

Topshop's I heart Cats tee (£20) makes a statement and is great for everyday wear and I love Brat & Suzie's Kitten tea dress (£35) - featuring an all-over print of a kitten playing with a ball of wool. River Island's pink Le Chat jersey top (£20) is one of their current best-sellers and is an affordable way to buy into the trend:

Le Chat top, £20, River Island

For feet, there are lots of options. These knitted slippers (£15) are super cosy and make would make even 'dog people' smile:

Knitted cat slippers, £15 at Urban Outfitters

When I heard about Christian Louboutin's 'Alex' lion paw style shoes - now famously worn by Gossip Girl Blake Lively - I had to get a better look. These bad boys will make you look and feel quite literally like a sex kitten and are as close to actual paws as it gets. The price of these heels is much more than I can afford - but they are nice to look at and would make a purrfect addition to any wardrobe: 

'Alex' heels by Christian Louboutin

Katy Perry can do no wrong in my book as it is, but when I seen pictures online of her sporting Charlotte Olympia's Kitty flats (£485 - and dare I say worth it!) she went up yet another notch. It's no surprise that these shoes are selling out fast and as they go with just about anything, they are my top pick:

Kitty flats, £485 by Charlotte Olympia

Finger's crossed for a high street knockoff (or an epic find in a sale)! Speaking of Ms Perry, last year she released her first fragrance, Purr. Now, in time for Christmas, Katy is about to release her second venture, Meow. I'm not normally one for designer perfumes (exactly how many perfumes does Britney Spears have out...?) but Purr smelled pretty damn good. So I am looking forward to smelling the new fragrance, which like it's big sister, is packaged in a super kawaii kitty shaped bottle:

Meow by Katy Perry, price TBC

Will you be letting the cat out of the bag this season?

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