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Monday, 1 November 2010

Shops: Much Too Fun

As a self-confessed jewellery fanatic, I knew it wasn't going to be too long before I would be blogging about what treasures have caught my magpie-like eye again recently. Lots of independent jewellery designers and stores have caught my attention lately, through word of mouth, Twitter and simply coming across their pieces while wandering round the shops & craft fairs.

Much Too Fun's online store was one I came across by chance, and I'm so very glad that I did. A fairly new enterprise (it has been up and running around 6 months) hosting in-house and other up-and-coming designers, Much Too Fun specialise in unique pieces that will make their customers smile. While browsing through their collections, I noted a variety of items that expanded beyond jewellery including cushions and bags by Emily Moir, cosy custom knits by Woolly Noodle and Finch & Fouracre's truly lifelike models. Jewellery by The Charm Offensive (specialising in "all things cute and shiny") and Obscure Couture is also on offer, with the latter having recently launched their first collection last month at the Barras centre.

I Heart Tea necklace (£7) by The Charm Offensive

With Christmas fast approaching, there lots of cute and quirky gift ideas to choose from. My favourite collection on the website is the aptly-named Bonnie Bling, which showcases a range of high-quality acrylic jewellery emblazoned with classic Glasgow banter, such as Blether, Peely Wally, Midgies Love Me (so true) and Soap Dodger amongst other well-known phrases. The pieces are bright, affordable and very wearable, sure to brighten up an outfit - here's a few of my favourites:

Peely Wally necklace (£15) by Bonnie Bling

Blether necklace (£15) by Bonnie Bling

Och Aye earrings (£12) By Bonnie Bling

Bonnie Bling have now teamed up with Obscure Couture to release an exclusive jewellery collaboration that correlates with Obscure Couture's Flesh & Bone fashion collection which sees them give traditional Victorian-esque designs a rebellious makeover. Mohawked cameo, anyone?

Bleeding Cameo necklace (£40) by Obscure Couture & Bonnie Bling

The Bonnie Bling collection was created by Mhairi Mackenzie and Sarah Richardson, who are also the dynamic duo behind the Much Too Fun website. Much Too Fun is currently solely online-based, but they have enjoyed successful guest-spots at events such as the 3D/2D West End Festival in Edinburgh, Technofest and Hillhead High School's Fundraising Fete (Ooh! Just next to my house...).

Also, Mhairi from Much Too Fun tells me that the girls are planning a pop-up shop in time for Christmas that will house lots of gorgeous gifts like mirrors, handmade notebooks, natural bath goodies, specially made Christmas cards and prints as well as regular favourites from the online store. The first pop-up shop is set to take place on the 18th of November in Glasgow's Finnieston area, giving fans and newcomers alike the opportunity to browse in person. Details are still to be confirmed so be sure to keep updated by checking out Much Too Fun's Twitter, Facebook and e-newsletter.

A selection of goodies available from Much Too Fun (various prices)

What I really like about Much Too Fun, apart from the awesome range on offer, is the genuine love of creating unique and beautiful pieces behind it. You can really tell that these girls love what they do and the website has a really personal feel to it. You feel like you are buying from actual people and not just another faceless shop brand. More than an online shop, Much Too Fun is a celebration of local creativity run by the designers themselves.

I am excited to see what the Much Too Fun girls get up to in the near future, and with more collaborations, a Bonnie Bling Christmas collection and appearances at Supermercado coming up, I am sure I won't be disappointed.

You can check out Much Too Fun's online store here!

(All photos in this post used from Much Too Fun's website with loads of thanks x)

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