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Monday, 6 December 2010

Winter Style Part 1 - Best Foot Forward

Like most other people in the UK, a little over a week ago I woke up to find myself under a blanket of dense, relentless snow. I like it when it snows, especially leading up to Christmas. Even though the snow no doubt accentuates my sentimental feelings towards this time of year, it has to be said that the drop in temperature as well as wet conditions calls for a rapid re-assessment of those three words that a lot of us think to ourselves daily: what to wear.

Now, it is looking increasingly likely according to all forms of reliable media that the snow is here to stay for the coming weeks. Brrilliant (sorry), I say, as it means we will probably have a white Christmas. However, it also means that I will have to be a bit more sensible when it comes to selecting my choices in outfits, more weather appropriate I think! It is important that we are well-protected against the freezing weather conditions, but there are lots of stylish yet practical options to consider. These next few posts will take a look at some of my favourite ways to stay warm and stylish during the winter...

Lets start from the feet up. In true Scottish tradition, we have the humble welly. A necessity - let be honest - at most times of the year in this country, our wellies are trotted out during the April (or any other month) showers, the summertime festivals and in the winter snow. Mocked by some fashionistas, yet championed by others (Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne and the Geldof sisters have all been photographed wearing theirs) it cannot be denied that wellies are one of the most appropriate choices to keep your feet warm and dry. The favourite wellingtons du jour for style mavens are undeniably Hunter Boots, with prices averaging around the fifty to sixty quid mark. They are the most popular brand in the UK (producing wellies for over a century I'll have you know), even creating boots for the Royal family.

Last year, Hunter collaborated with Jimmy Choo to create an exclusive range of wellingtons that proved to be very popular, and are still selling well to this day.

A pair of luxurious Hunter & Jimmy Choo Wellingtons (RRP £275)

Another brand that deserves a special mention is Ness, whose quirky tartan Georgie wellies (£49.99) can be picked up in-store at their St Enoch branch or at their website.

Uggs are normally good for warmth, but I found that due to the volume of snow, my trusty Ugg Classic Shorts ( below, £170) were quickly soaking through (retaining the water like a pair of big sponges) and eventually my feet were wet and cold. Bad times. I would still recommend Uggs (or similar fleecy boots) to anyone when it is cold and dry, but this situation called for a 'welly emergency', and I needed a new pair (having literally worn my last pair 'til the soles came off) and fast.

Ugg Australia Classic Short boots (£170)

Trying to find a pair or decent wellies in the city centre a week ago was, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare. With most shops selling out of sizes fast, it was clear that it really was slim pickings! It took a while but I got there eventually, and now I can brave the snow while keeping my feet warm and dry.

How are you keeping your feet warm and dry?

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