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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Me By Numbers

As part of getting back into blogging I thought I should be a little more personal in some of my blog posts. After all, all of the blogs we read have a person behind them! I never used to post pictures of myself on this blog but I'm taking baby steps to start to incorporate myself into it more and more. Some of the personal posts that I read on other blogs have a theme behind them. I just wanted to put a few bits and pieces about me in this post so I have decided to do a 'numbers' theme - ironic because I usually don't like numbers. I was never good at maths beyond my Sesame Street days (I'm exaggerating...kinda) and the idea of doing Sudoku for fun makes me want to take a long nap.

Anyway, numbers seemed to be a good fit for this post so here is a little bit about me with the help of some numbers:

27...years on this planet. I still get ID'd frequently on account of my chubby cheeks though and there is a newsagent on Sauchiehall Street that still won't sell me a lottery ticket. I'm convinced that I will suddenly age overnight like a piece of fruit.

2...years in my current flat. I ironically moved around the corner from my old flat because I was really reluctant to leave the area but needed a bigger space. My boyfriend was and still is a saint for staying patient during the great flathunt of 2011. Which brings us nicely onto...

12...years with The Boy (well, it will be in June). I won't say a lot here other than he is my best friend and it is true love.

1...University degree. I completed a Media degree which sounds like a vague title but it covered quite a lot of different areas such as cinema, television & radio broadcasting and photography. Even though I had to travel a fair distance every day for three years (and sometimes turn up to class at the end of my journey only to find that the class was cancelled because the tutor was upset that some wrestler from the WWE had died...true story) and haven't used my degree too much professionally I still loved my course and don't regret it one bit.

14...tattoos and counting. I've been getting tattooed for several years now and will still add more to my collection in years to come. My first tattoo was my stocking seams which run up the back of my legs which I got when I was 19 (yes, it was sore - the backs of the knees especially). Some of them have meaning to me and some of them do not. I don't really have many small tattoos and my tattoos are a huge part of who I am. All of them are custom drawn and tattooed by Kev Younger who currently runs Lucky Cat Tattoo on Great Western Road. I have lots of tattoos but only currently have my ears pierced (I used to have my nipples pierced but after getting ye olde pneumonia and getting my chest X-rayed in hospital they had to come out).

3...times seeing my hero (PRINCE!) live. The 21 Nights in London residency was the best summer I've ever had and I'll always remember being so excited and feeling like I was in the opening scene from Purple Rain. Just. Wow. I hope that I will one day see him in concert again.

5...trips to Florida (with the 6th trip mere weeks away). My favourite holiday destination. I love everything about visiting Florida - the shopping, the food, the people, the weather and of course DISNEYWORLD (it really is the happiest place on earth)!! I hope to visit more parts of America over the years but Florida always has a special place in my heart.

 30...Rock. Just a little note on my favourite TV shows! I love comedies and currently my favourite things to watch are 30 Rock (now on it's last season, boo hiss), The Big Bang Theory and New Girl. I like both British and American comedies and also enjoy watching dramas like Sopranos & Sons of Anarchy, documentaries (especially music and crime), horror shows (American Horror Story is genius and I can't wait for the next series) and a lot of trashy nonsense like anything shown on E! and the Style network. Sometimes the best way to spend a wet weekend (in my opinion) is having a pyjama day in front of the telly.

So that is a little bit about me! I didn't even mind the numbers too much this time.

What are some random facts about you? Do you watch any of those shows? Can you teach me long division?

Thanks for reading!

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