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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Beauty Bites: Sinful Colours

Last week over the Twitterverse I had heard that US drugstore nail polish brand Sinful Colours had arrived in the UK and was being stocked in Boots. Sinful Colours have a reputation for delivering a high-quality, 'professional' finish a la OPI and China Glaze at a purse-friendly price so I decided to buy a couple of colours and try them for myself.

I managed to squeeze past the tweens that had crowded the display at Boots to pick my colours out. With 70 shades to choose from, and a range of finishes which included glitter, pearl, shimmer, cream and matte; I was left spoiled for choice (even the amount of PINKS to choose from was huge.). They had every shade in stock except for Unicorn, a lemony pastel yellow - the actual colour of a unicorn's horn (in my imagination). After a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing (and sighing from The Boy - well, there is only so long you can wait for a girl to pick some nail polish I suppose) I settled on Pinky Glitter - not as clever a name as Unicorn but chosen because, well, you's pink and glittery. I also picked out Mint Apple which is a nice shade of light aqua.

At £1.99 each they certainly live up to their low-cost promise, but how did the colours actually turn out? Mint Apple was very easy to apply and after just two coats I built up a strong colour that dried very quickly. I decided to wear Pinky Glitter as well so painted my ring finger nails that colour (ring finger accents are my manicure detail of choice at the moment). To make the pink really stand out, I applied a bright polish first (Raspberry Crush by Model's Own) with Pinky Glitter layered on top. One coat of Pinky Glitter worked really well and I could see the flecks of pink and gold sparkling in the light (although difficult to capture on camera). I layered another coat on top to see how that affected the finish and I am pleased to report that unlike some glitter polishes it could withstand two coats and dry properly without any smudging.

A few days later and the colour has held up really well. I didn't bother using a topcoat this time to see how the colours would last on their own. There is some slight chipping but considering what my hands have been through the last few days (things like doing the dishes etc) I think the polish has held up pretty well, probably as well as if I had used one of my OPI, MAC or Chanel colours to be honest.

At £1.99 I would definitely recommend picking one up and since they are currently in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots you could always mix and match a couple (if like me, you find it hard to choose between 70 colours).Overall I'm impressed by the range of colours, the quality and the price.

Have you tried Sinful Colours nail polish? What do you think of them? Do you ever imagine what a unicorn might look like?

Thanks for reading!

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