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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Round Up

Hello! I quite enjoyed looking back what I had been up to at the end of March and putting together my March Round Up photo post last month - I think I may make it a monthly feature!  I hope you all had a great month - mine was a blast. I'm getting closer and closer to going on holiday too, excitement is definitely setting in - sparkly mouse ears at the ready!

So here is a little visual summary of what I've been up to in April...

1 - Sprinkles the Unicorn, a shaker for cupcake sprinkles!   2 - A photo from my 'Parklife' WIWT 
3 - Cocktail (actually, mocktail) and Burger Fridays   4 - Turning up to meet each other in the same blue tights. Great minds...  5 - Burger Queen   6 - Bedtime reading

7 - Midweek treats from Urban Outfitters & Boots   8 - Shoes in the trees at Kelvingrove Park
9 - My new Abandon Ship Apparel kitten dress (obsessed!)  10 - SmOAK at Sanctuary's beer garden
11 - DIY Nails at the Speed Beauty event   12 - In the park with The Boy

13 - The Boy rocking shades for the first time this year   14 - Spoiled for choice with Gumbo's menu
15 & 16 - some snaps from the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards bloggers event (full post to follow...)
17 - Kitchen inspiration   18 -  Cracking up at my alter ego Kenneth on 30 Rock

Most of these pictures were posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts - @misswestendgirl - feel free to come and say hello! My Instagram account is set to private but that's only to keep the spammers and robots at bay.
How has your April been? What have you been up to? Do you have a TV alter ego?
Thanks for reading! 

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