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Sunday, 7 April 2013

WestEndGirl Eats: Big Licks

Recently The Boy and I visited Big Licks  for a sugar high since we were both craving something sweet. For those of you who are Big Licks virgins (ooh-err), Big Licks are an ice cream parlour located on Argyle Street stocked with tasty treats, mainly ice cream and donuts. It might still be a little chilly outside but I say there is no bad time to eat ice cream and indulge in a little bit of donutsin' (my new favourite made-up word. It basically means hanging out and eating donuts, for example "where were you last night while we were all donutsin' ?". I doubt it will catch on but I still intend to use it).

The West End is home to a few popular ice cream parlours already such as 3 Steps to Heaven and Nardini's - both on Byres Road. But what sets Big Licks apart from the rest is that they are also home to Nom Nom donuts - appropriately named or what? It was the MASSIVE colourful sign in their window advertising their donuts that first caught my eye. Until we get a Krispy Kreme or a Dunkin' Donuts in Glasgow, I'd say these guys have the edge. And even if we do get more donut shops, there's room for everyone in my opinion and I'd struggle to keep away from this place.

The Boy and I both ordered a glazed ring, nothing fancy (there's always next time...) but boy, oh boy were they tasty. I'm not too ashamed to admit mine was gone in under a minute. The light pastry seemed to melt in the mouth and the glaze was sweet but not sickly, complimenting the donut nicely. I could have happily eaten a dozen of them and at £1 a donut they are a perfect treat to pick up when walking home from work. The Nom Nom donuts stand is on the right as you walk in the shop, or just follow the aroma of freshly baked goodies.

Big Licks' main attraction though is their ice cream, of which they have at least a dozen weird and wonderful flavours including Irn Bru, Bubblegum, Kinder and Curly Wurly. I opted for a two scoop cup with one scoop of Salted Caramel and one scoop of Snickers flavour, while The Boy picked out a two scoop waffle cone with Tablet and Honeycomb flavours. All four ice creams were delicious and we enjoyed them while sitting at window seats in the cute pink-walled parlour. I would recommend getting a couple of scoops to try out some different kinds - it also makes the job of narrowing your choice down a little bit easier!

It's a small shop but that didn't seem to put off the several customers that popped in while we were enjoying our ice cream - it is certainly a hit with the locals which ranged from couples buying larger orders to share and parents in with their excited children for a weekend treat.

I give Big Licks two big thumbs up for their excellent choices (and quality) of ice cream, their delicious Nom Nom donuts, friendly service and general good donutsin' spot - I told you I was still going to say it!

Have you ever been to Big Licks? Do you prefer ice cream or donuts? Do you have a favourite made-up word?

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  1. This place will be getting hit up big time once the crazy diet restrictions of summer training are banished =)

    1. Yay! It'll be worth the wait I'm sure ;)