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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Wear: Flower Child

Spring must have finally sprung because today I embraced my inner flower child and decided to wear not one, but two floral items in my outfit! I do wear flowers in my hair quite often but don't have many floral items of clothing in my wardrobe - in fact I think you could easily count them on one hand and still have a couple of fingers left over.

I bought this dress from Primark a couple of days ago because I really liked the Betsey Johnson-esque flowers n' stripes printed on the skirt. I think it manages to combine two different prints and somehow get away with it. The top half of the dress (hidden under my jacket) is a simple black scoop necked t-shirt so it balances out the skirt quite well I think! The print on the skirt is pretty, I really like the contrast between the colourful flowers and the edgier, monochrome stripes.

The jacket is from Topshop and is my first ever venture into stonewashed denim. I've always been an indigo/ black denim lover but this little number manager to convert me to the light side. Also from Topshop is today's flower crown, picked up in a sale last Autumn. I can never have too many hair accessories and this one reminded me of something a character from The Wicker Man might wear since it's so Summer-y looking. You won't see me leaping over a fire with no clothes on anytime soon though!

I wore my flowery pieces with some Vivienne Westwood x Melissa 'Ultragirl' flats with leopard print bows and my studded Urban Outfitters satchel (still glued to my side on non-work days) - it can't be all sweetness and light, I had to do something to toughen it up a bit! Today was also the first day that I wore my new, much anticipated Lime Crime Velvetine lipstick in Red Velvet. I had read many reviews of the product and wanted to try it for myself. Overall, I found it really long-lasting and highly pigmented. The 'velvet' matte effect makes it a little different from my usual MAC reds and the crimson colour is really striking. I like the 'liquid lipsticks' that seem to be a popular formula just now - this Lime Crime one is good but Lush's Passionate is still my absolute favourite. Obsessed!

What did you wear this weekend? Will you be wearing flowers this Spring/ Summer? Have you ever jumped over a fire?

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  1. That dress is so cute! I love stripes and flowers together. And also separate. I just love stripes and flowers!

    1. Aw thank you! Stripes and flowers don't sound like they should go together on the one thing but somehow they do! x