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Friday, 3 May 2013

Events: INAA Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards 2013 Bloggers Event

At the start of this week I was invited to attend the Bloggers Do It Best Event as part of the run up to INAA's Scottish Hair and Beauty awards 2013. The event gave us an opportunity to learn a little more about the awards, who was involved and get to know some of the contributing brands. INAA (which stands for 'I Need An Appointment') are the first ever online booking portal in the UK who also offer marketing and management support to salons. I learned at the event that INAA believe in the link between looking good and feeling great - and that taking a the time to pamper and treat ourselves generally makes us feel better. I do agree with that sentiment - after a fresh dye job and the right manicure I sometimes feel like I can take on the world!

The event was also the first time that I got to meet the other Scottish blogger babes, which was a pleasure in itself! What a friendly bunch! Thanks to them I didn't feel like the new girl at school for very long and we were chatting away for most of the night. After meeting up with some of the other girls beforehand, we headed to Apartment 29 where the evening was being held. I must say, this was my first time at this venue and I was impressed. The interior was very pretty, keeping some of the original features of the building (like the stairwell and the high ceilings) and mixing them with contemporary decorating. It made for a very pleasant space to spend the evening in! We were greeted at the top of the stairs and after being signed in, were shown to a room where we were seated and offered drinks and nibbles while waiting for everyone to arrive and for the evening to start.

The INAA ladies sure know how to make a room full of bloggers feel loved! They explained the concept behind the Bloggers Do It Best event and the role that bloggers play in today's market. After the INAA ladies kicked off the event there was a short speech from special guest Lauren Goodger (of TOWIE fame and now a beauty entrepreneur with her salon brand, Lauren's Way). Following this, we were then shown into another area, a bright airy space (which still managed to feel very busy do to the huge turn out) with some very popular beauty brands occupying different parts of the room. Guests from GHD, Bare Minerals, Lauren's Way (including the lady herself) and Bumble and Bumble were carrying out free demos and chatting to everyone about their products. There was also a raffle for one lucky girl to win a new set of GHD straighteners.

I enjoyed the Bumble and Bumble stand the best - Bee from Bumble & Bumble was an absolute star, doing a variety of awesome styles on lots of people's hair. I enjoyed watching her at work, seeing what she would decide to do and coming up with something different each time. She even did yours truly's hair, giving me a sweet retro pin-up style that I was gutted to wash out later! I loved it! The lovely Roz from The Olive Dragonfly (pictured below, bottom left) got a stunning sixties-inspired beehive 'do that she really suited. Plus, I found out that Bee and I both get our tattoos at the same studio and by the same person - small world eh? I must admit getting my hair styled without a mirror was a little daunting at first, but the other bloggers were smiling and giving me the thumbs-up throughout so then I knew it must've been OK!

During the evening some of the Alison James PR team were mingling with us, taking Instagram pictures and making sure we were having a good time. I also spied the other girls getting their tan on at Lauren's Way, checking out the makeup at Bare Minerals and drooling over the new pastel coloured GHD tools. I enjoyed having a nosey at the different brands and chatting with the other bloggers (and to everyone I spoke to - it was great to meet you, you lovely ladies! I don't want to list absolutely everyone because I might forget a name by accident and don't want to miss anybody out!) - before I knew it the evening had come to an end.

We were given some fab goody bags on our way out of the event which included treats from OPI (hurrah!), Bare Minerals and Lauren's Way. We were also given a top secret list of the nominees for this years Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards (held on 26th of May) A big thank you to Alison James PR and INAA for a smashing evening, Apartment 29 and it's staff for their hospitality and the Scottish Blogger Network for co-ordinating our attendance.

More information on the INAA Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards can be found at

Did you vote in the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards? Have you ever booked through INAA? Do you feel like a superhero after getting your pamper on?

Thanks for reading!

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