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Monday, 6 May 2013

Beauty Bites: Beautiful Brows

After attending the Speed Beauty event the other week I had said that I was going to post a review of the Beautiful Brows kit that I picked up. I decided to wait until I had used it a couple of times before posting a review. After all, it was quick and easy when I had one of the Beautiful Brows girls applying it for me - but was it going to be as simple and effective to use by myself at home? In a word, yes!

When it comes to my make-up, I've played around with enough different products and tools to be able to create looks that I'm happy with, but an area I've always neglected was my eyebrows. With my pale skin and very dark hair, I never thought that I had to pay much attention to my eyebrows, other than plucking them. However, they do look a bit patchy and underwhelming when I have full eye make-up sitting underneath them, but I wasn't confident enough to fill and shape them in a way that I was happy with. I'd started using a really good Soap & Glory pencil but I still wasn't 100% happy with the way my eyebrows looked.

That's why Beautiful Brows, for me at least, are a total game changing product. After hearing rave reviews from other beauty junkies I was intrigued to see what was so great about this supposed 'miracle product' that has managed to convert even the most devoted Benefit Brow-zings users. After seeing the slick demo performed by the girls from Beautiful Brows, I was even more intrigued.

I learned a bit more about the brand and they have an impressive CV - they are a UK-based company who offer a semi-permanent eyebrow make-up product. They originally created their product for people that for various reasons, had lost their hair or that it had thinned significantly, and would benefit from a product that creates the 'illusion' of a coloured and shaped brow. As their popularity and reputation grew, Beautiful Brows are now seen as a high-quality make-up essential for all kinds of customers. After having the brows applied, I was surprised to see how much my new brows changed my look, creating a more polished finish.

The fact that the kit is so quick and easy to use is another huge bonus - in under 30 seconds both eyebrows were started and finished and I was starting to see what all the fuss was about. Essentially you are using a stencil, which is placed over your natural eyebrow, and blending a small amount of product over your eyebrow with a small brush in a quick backwards-and-forwards motion. I know the idea of using a stencil and brush all sounds very Art Attack, but trust me, I wouldn't be surprised if Neil Buchanan himself was rocking one of these kits. It is very easy to use, and because you are only using a small amount of the product at a time, it lasts a couple of years, making it very good value for money. After it runs out, you can just buy a refill, there is no need to purchase the whole kit again.

The product is referred to as 'semi permenant' - I have found that it will last if you are caught in the rain without an umbrella and will also survive a night on the dancefloor. I have been told that you can go swimming with them on too but have yet to test this theory (learning to swim would be a good start). The product will come off easily with make-up remover or facewash so at least you won't be rubbing it for hours!

So what do you get in the kit? In the box, which features a mirror in the lid (designed for use on the go, but to be honest after applying it once before you leave the house is plenty, I have found that there are no touchups required), you get instructions, three stencils to give different looks (so far I found that 'sleek' is best stencil for me, as it is the smallest one but still gives a full shape) the eyebrow colour palette (in a bespoke shade picked out for you depending on your skin and hair colour), a highlighter, tweezers, a brush to apply the eyebrow colour and a highlighter brush.

Overall I am very happy with the Beautiful Brows system, it's easy for eyebrow novices (like me!) to use and at £35 for about 3 years' worth (and that's if you use it daily) I think it's a bargain. If you fancy finding out more, you can visit their website, or they have a retail stand in Buchanan Galleries shopping centre where you can talk through the process with one of the girls.

Have you used Beautiful Brows? What do you think of their products? Did you ever watch Art Attack as a kid?

Thanks for reading!

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