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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Feelin' Lucky, Punk?

Last weekend was the much-anticipated Tatty Devine Sample Sale. This event is held every year at their Brick Lane store and for Londoners (and those able to travel of course!) it means an opportunity for perspex princesses and jewellery lovers to get their hands on Tatty Devine pieces at sample sale prices for a whole bank holiday weekend. Score! These are, predictably (and quite rightly) very popular events and photos from the weekends always show oodles of shoppers crammed into the store to try and snap up a bargain - be it that statement necklace they have been eyeing up for moths, or something special from the Tatty Devine archives.

Unfortunately, I never manage to time my trips to London to be able to hit the Sample Sale myself (this year is no exception, I'm a whole month behind) but us more remote fans are still able to join in the fun thanks to the Lucky Dip Weekend on Tatty Devine's online store. Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with lucky bags, mystery boxes and everything in between (I'm blaming all those Kinder eggs as a child...). I just can't resist the lure of them! In fact, my friend was kind enough to get me a gorgeous Illamasqua mystery selection box for Christmas last year, because (in her words) "it combines two of your favourite things: lucky bags and make-up". What a doll!

That same friend shares my Tatty Devine obsession and it is rare that a birthday passes without us buying each other a little black box. You can keep your little blue boxes, I'm a little black box girl through and through!

With a love for lucky dips and Tatty Devine, it is no surprise that I am a regular shopper at Tatty Devine's Lucky Dip Weekends. Although tempting in terms of value (£15 for a small box and £35 for a larger box) I do limit myself to buying just one box. Last year I bought a big box which I adored, this year with an imminent holiday followed up by a trip to London to pay for, I chose a small box. Following placing my order, I saw other shoppers start to receive their orders and post
pictures online. It was fun to see what everyone else was getting in their Lucky Dips. Anticipation was building, hurry up postman! I got home from work yesterday to find my white and pink package waiting for me. "I've arrived!" it exclaimed. Hurrah!

I was really excited for this, I was just hoping that I didn't get anything I already had. I opened up my package and was really pleased to find what was inside: a necklace, earrings, and brooch. Getting a few different types of jewellery was really great and I'm over the moon with the actual pieces themselves. I got the original (and much-copied)  Moustache necklace (from The Best of Tatty Devine collection - normally £25 if you're wondering), an Anchor brooch (from 2009's Button Up collection) and a little blue ring (I'm not 100% sure which collection this ring is from but from he design I think it might be either the Leisure Pursuits or the Pierrot collection? If you know what it is, please leave a comment - I'd love to know for sure!). There is no doubt that the contents were worth far more than the £15 price tag, making the Lucky Dip boxes excellent value.
For anyone that maybe received something they already had in their collection, or just not their thing, Tatty Devine have set up a Swap Shop on Facebook which is running for one month.

This year's Lucky Dip weekend was a roaring success - with all of the boxes being sold out by Saturday teatime, I was glad to have ordered mine early. I'm delighted with my goodies - so much so that I decided to wear my new necklace immediately and took it on an outing last night! I hope other people were as happy with their boxes as I was with mine - I love surprises and being able to add to my ever-growing Tatty Devine collection. The boxes also make great gifts for other people (as well as yourself!). I'd certainly recommend checking it out next year.

Did you get anything from Tatty Devine's Lucky Dip Weekend? What is your favourite Tatty Devine piece? Were you obsessed with Kinder eggs as a child?

Thanks for reading!

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