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Friday, 9 August 2013

Local Lovin': Something Different

In Local Lovin' I am looking at designers/ stores/ creators of marvellous things/ anything else that catches my eye - all based in Glasgow. I believe that we should be supporting the talent that we have locally so have decided to start Local Lovin' as a regular feature. If you would like to be featured please get in touch! See my Contact page for details.

As many of you will know by now, I am a huge fan of glitter. And bows. And hair accessories. I feel a bit naked if I don't have something pretty perched on top of my head! Call it a fancy comfort blanket if you like! So it was with great delight many craft fairs ago that I discovered Something Different and their sparkling treasures. As well as gorgeous hair candy, designer Eilidh also creates other accessories like shoe clips and beautiful multi-coloured jewelled collar necklaces. I have mentioned Something Different in previous outfit and shopping posts  but I think that it's only right that I give them a full Local Lovin' fanfare for their services to accessory lovers everywhere!

I caught up with Eilidh and found out more about her designs and what inspires her, as well as getting an exclusive sneak peak at some new designs that will be hitting the web soon...
When did you start Something Different and what made you decide to do it?
I started about 5 years ago now one summer when rummaging through all my sewing things. I've always made things since I was little so a sewing machine has been a part of my life for years! From having to take things up and in, back when I was younger to whizzing up little tote bags for my friends. I've made prom dresses for myself and friends, and even made a sarong for an old boy - friend going through a David Beckham phase! I hadn't done any sewing in a while as the 9-5 job took over... So It all started out as I had a massive collection of sample fabrics and silk scarves and a creative itch! With a huge revival of all things retro and vintage I wanted to use what I had to turn in to simple hair bows. Hence the name Something Different each hairband was unique. I sold them through a friends shop in the west end to huge success and simply grew from there...
If you had to sum up the overall style of your accessories in a sentence how would you describe it?
Limited edition pieces with something suit everyone! Always girly and more importantly glitzy! 
What kinds of things inspire you to create your accessories? Are you influenced by other designers, artists or anything else?
Mainly influenced by what I love... beading, sequins, glitter and print all feature heavily in what I like and what I wear so I try and incorporate these elements in what I think my customers will like. Street style is massively important also as I love to see what and how people wear there hair accessories to inspire me to make new styles.
I love that you can be seen modelling your own creations, who else do you have in mind when you are designing your pieces?  What kinds of customers do you normally find buying your designs?
I don't aim my designs at anyone in particular and am always surprised when any piece becomes a such a success. Simple things like my valentines print bow was so popular with everyone. I have a lot of young girls that have huge collections of my bows and people that maybe make a one off purchase of that one thing they love. I love summer as it's holiday and festival time and I always think girls of every age love to go a little bit further with their accessorising.
What has been your favourite piece so far and why?
Hard to pick a favourite! (I don't blame her...)
Over the last couple of years I've seen lots of your happy customers giving testimonials online and in person at the craft fairs. What has been your proudest moment so far?
Whenever I can help anyone to get something unique I guess... I do a lot of custom orders where people come to me with an idea which is always great to turn into reality. Even people like yourself who has followed me and continued to buy new pieces all the time.  Also a friend of mine told me once she heard a couple of girls discussing my glitter bows on the bus! So I guess knowing that people are talking about the website is a great boost! 
Anything coming up soon for Something Different?
Hopefully be back in Hummingbird maybe end of August/ September time to meet all the new freshers and show off my new autumn pieces... of which I'm working on now. I love a change in seasons to push you to think of new ideas. It's such an exciting time hunting down supplies to make new creations! So watch this space... Hope everyone will love them as much as I already do!
Eilidh also  very kindly let me see some new pieces not on sale yet! These new metallic leather hair bows (shown left) are a total exclusive and will be available to buy from Sunday. I just know that people are going to LOVE these bad boys. You can find out more about Something Different, keep up to date with new events and browse their accessories on their website (which has a summer sale on at the moment!). I definitely have my eye on a few things! A huge thanks to Something Different for being part of Local Lovin'! 

Remember, if you would like to be featured as part of Local Lovin' please see my Contact page and get in touch!

Have you ever bought anything by Something Different? What is your favourite piece? Do you have a fashion comfort blanket?

Thanks for reading!

(All photos in this post are used with thanks from Something Different)

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  1. adore the metalics! she has some fab glitter bows for sure!