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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Love at first Liberace

I was super excited a few weeks ago when I read about Rock n' Roll Bride's collaboration with Crown and Glory, which had been kept under wraps (aside from a few subtle online hints) until it launched on July 29th with a glittering BANG! It's no secret that I adore hair accessories, and I couldn't wait to check out the collection brainstormed by two fellow sparkle lovers.

On the day of the launch I eagerly browsed Kat's blog, which was filled to the brim with beautifully-shot photos showing off all 20 headpieces. What can I say? It was all kinds of awesome! The collection combines glitter, flowers, gems, bright colours, delicate lace, bows and ears. It all looked gorgeous and I must admit it's difficult to pick a favourite when it all looks so good. Although the product photos have styled the headpieces as part of a bridal ensemble, they are very accessible to all girls (and boys!) that like to rock some sparkle and fun whatever the occasion would be. The Gala bows would look epic worn to a gig (I can imagine the stage lights dancing off of the glitter), the Lisa and Emma floral pieces at a summer barbecue or a festival, the Shauna alice bands are perfect for afternoon tea  and as for the ears...well, they can be worn for any occasion!

Although I had cartoon-hearts in my eyes for the entire collection, I was drawn right away to the Liberace ears, which come in both kitty and bunny designs. These are encrusted with rainbow-coloured gems and described as 'the sparkliest piece in the collection'. Be still, my heart! Once I'd looked at the collection I realised I was still under a self-imposed shopping ban. I had a birthday coming up and told myself that I would treat myself to a pair if I got any birthday money. About a week later I was texting with Elaine and asked her if she'd seen the collaboration - as a fellow headpiece aficionado I was sure she would dig the whole collection too. "Yeah, I've seen them birthday girl", she hinted. Eeek!

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday and at midnight, when it was officially my birthday I was presented with a beautiful pink bag of treats. It was filled with lovely gifts and then I pulled out a white drawstring bag, decorated with the Rock n' Roll Bride and Crown & Glory logos. Oh my! I delicately unwrapped my present, wondering what piece my friends had chosen since we hadn't discussed any of the collection in detail. I seen a flash of sparkle as I peeled away the tissue paper and I let out a sqeal! THE LIBERACE EARS! Wow! They had picked out the bunny ear design for me, since I already have a few pairs of kitty ears and "because, y'know, they're called Liberace" - what great friends!

I tried them on instantly, then took them off to admire them, then tried them on again. While I was looking at them I noticed how very well made they are, with the backs of the ears strengthened with a layer of silver glitter and a little pink & white label. I also loved how well-presented they are, wrapped in tissue in a dust bag and with a little bag of pink heart-shaped confetti included. I love when products are packaged well and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into the packaging of this collection.

I wore my ears out to dinner two nights later (see? Suitable for any occasion!)  and couldn't stop looking at them. I must be part magpie! It was truly love at first Liberace.

Needless to say that I am over the moon with my new RockGlory ears and I can see myself wearing them lots over the coming months. I have a feeling that they will also make an appearance at The Blogcademy which I will be attending very soon!

You can browse and shop the Rock n' Roll Bride for Crown & Glory collection on both of their websites (linked at the start of this post). Pieces are priced from £20 and the designs are sure to set your heart a-flutter, whether you're a bride-to-be or just a bunny babe.

Have you seen the Rock n' Roll Bride for Crown & Glory collection? What is your favourite piece? Do you ever feel part magpie?

Thanks for reading!


  1. i'm sure i AM part magpie! i adore the gala bows and hoppppe will get some for my birthday too! happy birthday babe x

    1. Magpie ladies unite! Aww you'd look gorgeous in a big sparkly ombre bow :) Thanks lovely xx

  2. Totally took me forever to catch up on this. Love the ears on :) And I can now follow by email so won't take me forever to catch up again! x