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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cure for the Mid-week Blues #2

Wednesdays. The mid-week hump. Where the weekend seems like a happy memory and you've still got the rest of the week to go. Some people are saying that Wednesdays are the toughest day of the week to stay feeling energised and it's easy to see why. But I'm all about staying positive, so in my Cure for the Mid-week Blues mini-series, I'll be dishing out my top tips to keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going all week long...

This week, my advice to help keep the spring in your step on Hump Day is:

 This is actually something I believe in doing every day, but it can be particularly uplifting during the midweek slump. Now, I know that it may not be possible to rock up to work in your frilliest party dress and killer heels but to me dressing like it's your birthday is a state of mind. What I'm getting at is wear something that makes you happy. When an entire outfit isn't possible (especially if you have a dress code to adhere to), wear something small that will make you smile. For example, a vintage brooch that reminds you of that time you and your best bud went thrift shopping, or that new nail polish you've been dying to try out. It could be a new pair of shoes or your favourite sauciest underwear. However big or small, throw your chosen item(s) into the mix on a Wednesday and you might just feel like the birthday girl (or boy!) every week of the year.

Enjoy your week, and keep on celebrating! 

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